Monday, November 5, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty!

Every once in awhile my Dads say the 'Kitty Kitty' words.
I know I've caught them spelling the five letter word
and I know they think I'm just a dumb dog.

Hah....I say!
they are going to be glad that I 
 "took care of" 
the kitty kitty situation.
The thing is no kitty in their right mind 
would bother visiting out yard.
I'm a hawk-eye...
always surveying and sniffing for the felines.

Daddy Ron just couldn't resist,
you'll see in the video.

Such is my existence on this Lonely Planet of Kittiless Love!

Maybe if I sit still as a statue,
those sneaky kitty kitties 
won't know I'm here...
no harm in trying!