Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MoonMaple Stroll

My garden has become a riot of colour
and just before the Hurricane Sandy scare
I was surverying the property and noticed
the MoonMaple was in it's brilliant red stage.

These leaves are different from the "everyday" maples we have 
growing everywhere in the Maritimes and Canada.

They become very red...starting with the summer of yellow 
then to pink and shades in between before reaching the scorcher of a colour.

I love sitting under my MoonMaple because
I can hide and think.

Think about what's coming around the corner,
the inevitable winter season...snow and cold.

The thing is....I love this season.
It may curtail my swimming but I know I can 
do as many nosedives into the banks of snow that I want!

So hang in there folks....I'll entertain you
once the little flakes start drifting down
from the heavens above.

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Qi Gong Moves!

My dads enjoy practicing their Qi Gong moves on the beach,
for that matter they'll do it anywhere that is quiet and peaceful.

I always join in with them.
I first do a lickity split into the water....

and return ready to find the right spot to place Mr. Orangie....

and begin digging my hole to you know where....

They move through their 7 steps slowly but deliberately
as I lay on the ground settling calmly.

Jim is mid way through his regime
as I figure out where I should begin my hole.

We are both finished.
We are both more calm.
We are both relaxed.
This is a major achievement for a Doodle.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Serenity on the Beach

I wanted you to be part of my sublime moment
of serenity and peace this day.

50 seconds of my world 

The calmness of the North Atlantic ocean lapping on our shores...

may be second most on my mind at this moment

but I assure you once I achieve my daily goal

I will take full advantage of the gentleness of these waters.

I see you even if you can't see me...

there now....
come back next time
and I'll further explain
why my visit
to the beach gives me
peace of mind!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yin and Yang

Our world, like your world,
 is full of yin and yang moments...
the late summer into autumn~~~warmth and sunshine

to Winter's....cold, freezing, biting, yet brilliant vistas

Green, alive, lush and supple turf

vs dried, brittle, barren, and austere dune meadow

Warm spectrum colours~~~red, rust, golden verdants

vs cold spectrum colours~~~blue, grey, ice waters

All in all we feel blessed as we drive home from our
city sojourns whether at the park or 
needing our Starbuck's.

We appreciate our environment and throw ourselves
into our world.....experiencing everything it has to offer.

and with this 
hot ~ cold
yin ~ yang
up ~ down
 feminine ~ masculine
angle I have chosen today
I know that SnoozeVille is always waiting for me
in the backseat of the car.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's in My Daddy Ron's Arms?

OK...OK...I know what you are saying....!
Why does Daddy Ron have his arms around another Doodle?
He says he loves Doodles and they all need hugs.

Well, 'Us' Doodles can handle massive hugs 
but we also dance our own dance and 
know the exact manner to hop, skip and jump
from here to eternity.

 Well, Koda (black Doodle) and Abbie(Blond Doodle)
along with Oscar(chocolate lab),
the four of us,
at Point Pleasant Park this morning
 Doodle Danced until the cows came home.

Jo~~Oscar's Mom 
Lori~~ Koda and Abbie's Mom
know exactly how to Doodle Dance too...
because they watch their dogs do it every day!
Hope we can kick up our heals again soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Katsura Tree

Our landscape is smothered in reds, oranges and all shades in between
but we have a beautiful yellow tree in the middle of the garden.....

have a lookee...!

It was planted over 10 years ago
before I was a twinkle in my Dad's eyes...

I love this tree because....

I can rollover and over 
as I look up through the yellow umbrella....
such ecstasy! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waiting for Jim

This morning bright and early

Ron took me to Point Pleasant Park,

just the two of us.

I sniffed pretty much everything in sight,

but one thing sort of bothered me....

where was Jim because he is missing all this beauty?

I calmly sauntered and searched all our favourite haunts

with no luck not even a 'JimScent" was on the air.

He had to be somewhere because he was in the car when we left home.

These ladies with the cute white dogs didn't seem to know where he was either.

I guess if I sit here and look down the road maybe he'll appear....
I know I smell something in the air now...
I have a real good sniffer you know...
and I was right 
here he comes!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaves for Leontein

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Leaves for Leontien

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