Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Ol' Canadian Thanksgiving!

Join in the run with me....
Come on and I'll show you what I'm thankful for....!

This is Griffin, 
a 3 year old GoldenDoodle!

1/2 my age and 2X my speed
~~~oh yeah~~~
and a nutty speed demon leaper!

Doodles love water!

any kind of water

and in this case
the muddiest of all!

So here you can see the obvious difference
between a GoldenDoodle and a LabraDoodle!
Just ignore the muddy coats and smiling faces.

This has turned into
Doodle Day
at the Park...
just look behind me.

Jim gives Suzanne, a Poodle
a loving pat on the head.
She is my friend from
my favourite daycare
in the whole wide world 

After all that excitement
in the DoodleMania World
we trotted down the path
inhaling the autumn colours
and peaceful serenity
of the NorthWest Arm.

I would show you the foliage that is
emblazoning our countryside. 

Thought you might from his garden collection
of tumbled bricks which is
slowly turning into a garden walkway.

So...Happy Thanksgiving to all of you
whether you celebrate now or later!