Monday, October 22, 2012

Who's in My Daddy Ron's Arms?

OK...OK...I know what you are saying....!
Why does Daddy Ron have his arms around another Doodle?
He says he loves Doodles and they all need hugs.

Well, 'Us' Doodles can handle massive hugs 
but we also dance our own dance and 
know the exact manner to hop, skip and jump
from here to eternity.

 Well, Koda (black Doodle) and Abbie(Blond Doodle)
along with Oscar(chocolate lab),
the four of us,
at Point Pleasant Park this morning
 Doodle Danced until the cows came home.

Jo~~Oscar's Mom 
Lori~~ Koda and Abbie's Mom
know exactly how to Doodle Dance too...
because they watch their dogs do it every day!
Hope we can kick up our heals again soon!