Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MoonMaple Stroll

My garden has become a riot of colour
and just before the Hurricane Sandy scare
I was surverying the property and noticed
the MoonMaple was in it's brilliant red stage.

These leaves are different from the "everyday" maples we have 
growing everywhere in the Maritimes and Canada.

They become very red...starting with the summer of yellow 
then to pink and shades in between before reaching the scorcher of a colour.

I love sitting under my MoonMaple because
I can hide and think.

Think about what's coming around the corner,
the inevitable winter season...snow and cold.

The thing is....I love this season.
It may curtail my swimming but I know I can 
do as many nosedives into the banks of snow that I want!

So hang in there folks....I'll entertain you
once the little flakes start drifting down
from the heavens above.