Friday, October 12, 2012

Ferocious Autumn Beach Winds

October is a month of change...
the temperature lessens
the sun is not as intense
humidity all but disappears
the colours become so vivid

the winds pick up

and this should explain fully what I mean by
"pick up"
I can't even open my eyes
for fear of them becoming sand filled
(you can see how flat my hair is...labradoodle waves become straight)

The winds give me an extra boost of energy
always catapulting me down the beach
to snag Mr. BlueWhistleBall.

It's  a perfect day for Mr. BlueWhistleBall
because the wind whistles through the ball openings
singing my beach it!

Mother Nature is so very active today
and with a wind surfer (vaguely visible at the point)
I really don't think it's a place  for us to stay too long...
so difficult to run and walk,
let alone windsurf.