Sunday, October 14, 2012

Serious Wind!

After yesterday's post
I thought that maybe
I should show you really
how windy it was
from MacDonald Hill

We whipped up the road to the hill
and I jumped out and ran to the edge.

Down below was the wind surfer
who had too much
and returned to his car.

But for me, 
I Love the Wind
from the left side....

from behind

from the left side and from behind
double whammy effect

forceful enough to blow my tongue
out of my mouth
(told you it was strong)

OK, that's enough

one last sniff on the wind
(I think I smell the U.S.A.)

I'm all re-invigorated now...
watch out here I come!

One last wind blast
with a full 2 ear
up lift.
(my patriotic side coming out if you click 
the pale grey line)

That was so ticklish...
I tell you standing in the wind
makes you do silly things!