Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yin and Yang

Our world, like your world,
 is full of yin and yang moments...
the late summer into autumn~~~warmth and sunshine

to Winter's....cold, freezing, biting, yet brilliant vistas

Green, alive, lush and supple turf

vs dried, brittle, barren, and austere dune meadow

Warm spectrum colours~~~red, rust, golden verdants

vs cold spectrum colours~~~blue, grey, ice waters

All in all we feel blessed as we drive home from our
city sojourns whether at the park or 
needing our Starbuck's.

We appreciate our environment and throw ourselves
into our world.....experiencing everything it has to offer.

and with this 
hot ~ cold
yin ~ yang
up ~ down
 feminine ~ masculine
angle I have chosen today
I know that SnoozeVille is always waiting for me
in the backseat of the car.