Friday, November 30, 2012

Golden World!

Our world turned golden the other afternoon.
Daddy Jim became fixated on the scene behind me
and for crying out loud
wouldn't you too!
Just look at those colours, textures and natural designs.
(check out Daddy Jim's blog header for the results)

It appears to be a warm wind blowing over my face
but in reality because we are heading towards winter, 
the sweet warm winds are but a memory.

This is the sunset behind me,
so you can see why the colours are so vibrant
on the beach shoreline....
I might add....I think this is the same sunset that drenched the Colorado area
very recently as well....
check out Louise's blog>>Standing into Danger and you'll see an amazing sunset there too,
as well as Terry's blog>>Moondance Ranch ....truly unbelieveable skies in the west!

thus magnificent possibilities with one's camera.

Even our stones seem to catch the smallest glimpses of sunset gold scattered haphazardly
over the grey sands.

I follow Daddy Jim off the beach
and into the dune grasses.

I have a habit of  'rounding up' just like a Border Collie.

Keeping everyone together,
however this time I just
slowly turned and checked out
Ron's positioning and was satisfied
that he was close.

Ambling along after a short sprint on the beach,
I could feel the slight hint of sunset warmth
brush over my body.

I wonder if Daddy Jim feels the same way.
For some reason I think not.

The clouds, dune grasses and sun seem to be dancing together.
See the rays of sun reaching upwards.

So long beautiful sunset,
thank you for capturing us
once again.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sniff Patrol

I know my place in the scheme of things.
I know I have to be vigilant
I have to be alert
I have to be clever
I have to be adept
I have to have fun!

Sniffing everything in sight
satisfies my inquiring mind
the safety of my guys!

Peek- a- boo!

I see you!

See what I mean!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hemlock Trail Revisited....

Our one hour drives to the canal
always take me off guard
because I'm always surprised
and very grateful.

So come along and walk with us...
the video below will give you
an idea of the quiet,
~~~the forest quiet~~~
with a stream flowing
under a power dam
in the depths of the woods.

Here I am below the power dam with Jim.
He's picking up Mr. Orangie...

to throw him in the water,
rather shallow water

but sometimes one can get dunked
if one slips on the rocks...

The hemlocks are so very tall and provide a shade canopy,
that we love to walk under.

Notice something special in the tops of the trees?
A design...!
We only saw it when we got home
sorted out all our photos.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

1 Month to Xmas

Just ONE month to go 
I HAVE to listen
to my Daddy Ron's 
sense of humour.


Friday, November 23, 2012 English Setter

I met Owen last week when I visited
Country Critter Sitters,
my doggy daycare.
He belongs to Mary, the owner and is
12 weeks old.
Being such  a sweetheart, I thought you might like to meet him.

Daddy Ron seems to have taken a shining to him
and wants me to hug and sniff Owen.
I did all that last week,
Ron forgets so quickly.

So I oblige again,
but only for a short moment
because Owen stuck his tongue out at me...
what's that all about?

 The video shows you how cute Owen is and how he likes
to play with his squeeky chicken and rocking horse.

Owen did plenty of sniffing 
because Ron's boots brought in new smells.

All this activity can be mighty exhausting for a puppy
as all you doggy owners know.

Eyelids get, oh so heavy and send Owen off to dreamland.

 So please come back and visit him
when he's wide awake and full of beans.
I'll give you head's up
when that'll be...
until then


PS...if you want to see what we had for supper
click > this link
and get ready for some mouth watering Thai Food!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

MORE New Discoveries with Maggie...Pt 2

Here is my surprise for you...!
I know
We are swimming, 
well this little beach
is at the other end of this inlet 
with Point Pleasant Park 
down by that little island 
on the horizon.

Maggie and I spent so much time fetching and swimming.
Did I tell you that I slept like a baby that night.

This 2 minutes video will show you how good
Maggie and I get along and how much we love to swim!

Maggie is fast!
Super fast.

With all this exercise under our belts
we decided to continue our stroll.

Along the seawall we ventured,
I was a bit concerned about Daddy Jim
falling in...what do you think?
Close to the edge he was!

We made it around that corner
and Maggie grabbed a stick.
Hey, I'm going to get you!

What is this tower?
I'm thinking 
Tower of London
or something mighty scary
for dogs and humans alike.

These grounds were donated
by Sir Sandford Fleming
(the creator of universal standard time)
to the city in the 1880's.
The tower was designated a national historic site
only 3 years ago.

With all this historic information making my head spin
we headed off down another path and ran into a lady
with her short haired Collie who happened to be the same
person we met a couple days earlier at Point Pleasant Park.
Small world!

We were getting closer to the end of this exciting new adventure.
With a teasing nudge and a 'tag your it'
we ran down the last path.

Now that was the best walk in a very long time.
Oh yeah, did I happen to mention I slept very well that night.
I guess I am repeating myself.

Thanks for coming along.
I hope you had a great time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Discoveries with Maggie! Pt 1

Big surprise invitation today
from Mim (Daddy Jim's sis)and Maggie
(you'll see me playing with Maggie in my new header!)

We are going on a long walk of discovery
and we want you to come along too.
We passed this view of the North West Arm and 
the Armdale Yacht Squadron.
This view is located at the north end of the inlet 
at the far south end.

Before we reached the entrance to this new "to us" park
we had to walk a very long distance along the city streets.
I am very used to this and Maggie is getting much better at it.

We reached one of the accesses and after Maggie gave it an OK sniff...

We sat dutifully while we were unleashed
Notice me checking out Maggie and
 Daddy Jim using his hand signal
which I didn't even!

 We are in

This is the Frog Pond 
which is home to much wildlife
and a perfect skating rink 
come winter.

This fellow was checking out the ducks
as we drifted by 
 the place is as serene as you see here.

Every once in awhile Mim tested us on
being obedient. She knows her stuff because she used to have
a number of Pitbulls....long story and a good one.

Up the hills we trekked with us scouting out ahead.

Long paths in front of us covered in fallen oak leaves, in this case.
Maggie and I sniffed and you can just imagine the new scents we encountered.

Come on Maggie!
Let's show them what we found.

This narrow road on a steep hill with this churchy looking building
and family homes up above.
But what was ahead of us was the
piece de resistance!

We can't believe our eyes and
we can't stop running!

~~~full speed ahead~~~

Come Back Next Time 
I'll show you what we found!