Tuesday, May 31, 2011

t'other side......!

This is an easterly view from the park.....FYI...we live over in that direction....
it can be cool to cold along this path sometimes.

 I thought I'd show you the westerly view or t'other side and show how much I enjoy this area.
 They built this 'stairway to heaven' just for me...just kiddin'
 As we proceed along the Northwest Arm....
 I keep telling Dad that I really should try out that water....
 Not yet, Sophie, if I hear that one more time.....
 I fixed them, I just strolled up through the spring run off that flows along the roadway....
I'll find water...one way or t'other!
 Reaching the top of the slight incline....I sense exactly where we are heading...
 Yup, I was right...the red trees are the gateway to a beach down below...
 A quick sniff and forward Ho...we go!
I must listen and be on my bestest behaviour 
cos I really want to go down to the beach.

You'll find out in the next post if I did...
ain't tellin' !

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lumsden Pond at Lumsden Dam!

Have a look at this huge body of water called Lumsden Pond.
 This is the dam at one end of the waterway.
Beside the dam is a small beach which hasn't changed much since the 1950's
 when Ron came here as a child to swim...
and now I'm here enjoying these waters just as much as he did.
The winds were very warm which were so welcomed after driving for an hour from cooler temps.
I really took advantage of the swimming and grasses...love my greens!
 Just before we left to go to the guys' favourite restaurant....I back scratched,
 shook like mad,
and took in the view with the hopes that we'd come back here again soon.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey Business!

This little gem of
an old-fashioned tea room
  called The Rose and Kettle
is my Grandpops favourite haunt.

Jim and his father are waiting patiently for their meals
when they look on the wall in front of them and spy
these two monkeys waiting to be snatched up.

These two monkeys couldn't be in better company than with these two jokers.

Look who's tapping their spoon and staring at my Dad, while waiting for Linda to come out with the meal.
Some people just love to tease.

I suppose you wondered where I was all this time.
Well I sat in the car and watched these ladies get ready for a children's party.

And the coolest thing happened earlier this morning....these lambs were born.
Can't you just see the kids' faces light up when they see them!

But you know what?
The coolest thing is....
that I'm looking forward to seeing Grandpop's face light up when
he gives these two cuties to his great granddaughters today. 
I think Sarah Jane and Julia are going to be tickled pink.

PS......For all those people who commented yesterday on the Cherries or Plums post
WELL.....DRUM ROLL.....The 1st photos are CHERRIES
and the one's following Jim and me are PLUMS!
Were you correct?

PPS....Thanks for the support regarding My Conundrum the other day.
Many handy helpful hints and support have given me a better idea
of what I really should be doing in the Park with Sophie.
Can't wait to try a new recall system with sweetie pie
and I know she'll respond well.
A special treat will be used and it's just a matter of finding the right one.
Thanks again!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cherries or Plums?

Any idea which one's are cherries and which one's are plums?
Jim and I know! 
......Hazard a guess!.....
 They both smell so good.
Even if we have had only....1....yes....ONE.....day of sun this May,
the garden looks amazing and is blooming like it has never bloomed before...!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Conundrum ~~~~~!

Hi, so glad you caught up!
I've got a conundrum which has been gnawing at me for awhile.

I'm sure you all know I'm pretty exuberant and love humans to bits.

I am so over socialized with 4 leggers that I just don't go screaming into a dog mix unless there is a human.

Yes my treat radar is on overload and I can sniff out a morsel without any hesitation.

So I guess that's what can get me into trouble sometimes.

You see we reached the park yesterday afternoon around 2pm and headed up the path from the parking lot. The guys were being extra vigilant by steering me away from the swampy mudholes which I think are mighty cool. I guess they don't. We are also concerned about being in the designated off-leash area of the park so I can run and meet other pups.  We had just passed a delicious looking brown pool of water and Ron conned me good and held onto Mr. Orangie. I certainly pay attention when Mr. Orangie isn't in my mouth. 

As we passed the area, Ron tossed the ball ahead and just at that moment an older couple came walking around the corner. People...treats...let's find out! Boy...big mistake...the lady freaked and the husband started bad mouthing us. Of course, nervousness and chatter just encourage me to be more inquisitive. So no matter of apologies or 'so sorry' helped. Now we are going in to super vigilant mode even in our designated walk areas.

Any one out there have this problem before?

Any handy helpful hints as to what to say?

I so look forward to my park walks and I would hate to upset another couple who don't understand dogs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ruby Baby!

Today was so much fun because I met Ruby...1 year old Doodle.
 Doesn't she have the most intriguing hair colouring!
 Her parentage.....Standard Poodle Mama...blond/apricot
and Papa...Irish Setter & Labrador Retriever.
 She was completely chocolate coloured, as was I in the 1st year...
 then the blond tips start emerging.
Ruby is much more blond than me with major red tones.
When she gets wet she looks very much like an Irish Setter.
 I just wanted you to see how much we enjoyed our short meeting,
 as we did the doodle romp like all us doodles doodley do!
I think Ruby liked the doodle game we played and undoubtedly Mr. Orangie helped immensely.