Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bentley & Spring Fever!

Today, Monday, was a holiday in Canada, so we took a walk in the park.
I met Bentley, a six month old, Pug who was full of beans....
 and so much more
 He really took a shining to me for some ginormous reason.
 He kept literally tailing me from the moment he set eyes and tongue on me.
 I guess he thought he was BMOC or something!
I showed him that I was boss and let him play his little "wooing" game.

Needless to say, nothing happened
other than complete exhaustion....
on both our parts,
those young ones
have sooooo much to learn!


  1. You were as patient as could be with Bentley junior, Miss Sophie. Your a lady of fine character with a sweet face.

    Have a playful day,

  2. Well done Sophie - you show him!

  3. Oooops, sorry I forgot to wish you a Happy Victoria Day.

    Love Pugs. I think they are so cute. Funny little face and build. A neighbor has one, and she is the cutest. :-)

    Oh! No, Sophie! Not more cute than you! Oh no! Please Dear Sophie, don't let me hurt your feelings! :-)


  4. Sophie, we admire you!
    You can make friends, without any difficulty.
    We are very "selective", to the misfortune of our mother ...

  5. You're just too darn attractive for your own good, Sophie!

  6. Great looking trail there Sophie! That Bentley, what a funny fella!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  7. Well Sophie, you're a good looking girl! I'll bet he was looking for a girlfriend! You were nice to play with him, even if he got annoying.

  8. So sweet! I love seeing dogs playing together! Love the drinking from the water bottle - so sweet!

  9. So he likes big boned girls. What's wrong with that?
    p.s. as you can see, I figured out my comment problem.

  10. Love your new header! I love the texture of the background and of course Sophi is cute too!

  11. It's just what happens when you're irresistible!!

  12. What a fun day with feisty puggy
    Benny & Lily

  13. Bentley's a big dog in a little body, as they say.

  14. LOL... that is too cute! You are just too adorable Sophie! :)

  15. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, happy holiday!! Sounds like you had an interesting time with that furiend.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  16. Sophie,
    You are everyones friend! And I think little Bentley who is so full of beans - wants to play with "orange". Bentley sees good times ahead.
    Your so gentle- no wonder Bentley wants to be your friend,

  17. LOL! You're such a gentle girl. Oscar hates it when this happens and runs away with ear flattened...

  18. Sophie, you sure are the cutest :-) We love reading your blog !

  19. Bentley looks like a fun playmate, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. Did someone mention a PUG!!!

    Oh Sophie, you were such a Good Girl to put up with 'energy' your new friend. Bentley reminds me of our Janie Pug...and she is a duplicate of the 'energizer bunny'!!! We have a white sib. husky mix named Larka. Well, Larka is Janie's "Rock Star Idol"...we literally have to separate Jane from Larka just so Larka can get some peace and quiet. You are so right...those young 'ens have a lot to learn!


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