Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surprise Canal Swim! Pt 3

The canal is bordered on one side with a farmer's field.
The trees are starting to produce their spring flush.
I really love the pale green/yellow of the young tender leaves at this time of year.
The canal has plenty of new growth popping out on the shrubs growing along it's side bank.
The walking route is perched on a hillock that follows the entire length of the canal,
which allows me to swim and fetch Mr. Orangie
at my human's whim.
How do you like the ripples from my tail trail?
Some areas are wee bit steeper, but that doesn't phase me in the least.
While Jim saunters, I fetch.
I keep telling him it's (whatever 'it's' is) over here.
Now, that's a tongue twister.
I'll just keep Jim company while he discovers more amazing photos.
I hope you enjoyed our sojourn to the Annapolis Valley and
if you ever have the opportunity to visit,
I know you'll enjoy your time.


OH, BY THE WAY, on this date May 11, 2010 I began blogging.
I have enjoyed sharing my world with all of you and I hope you enjoyed
 reading about my adventures.
Here's to another year of blogging with my faithfuls
and the exciting prospect of meeting new friends.