Wednesday, May 11, 2011

High on a Hill!

Since we are pretty much water logged here on the eastern coast of Canada,
 Ron decided that a walk was in need even if it meant getting all bundled up in rain gear.
 The guys are really pretty faithful with my walks not letting the weather deter them.
 Over 20+ days of moisture soaking the land and everyone through to their tighty whites.
 One big plus though is that everything is growing, turning grasses green or producing blooms.
 We were so spoiled last year with an exceptionally early spring...1st of March.
 However, spring took her good old time this year and is holding onto Mother Nature's apron strings.
 So, our fingers are crossed for Mr. Sunshine...soon, soon, soon!
In the meantime, I don't bother with their weather silliness. 
I'm  a doodle for Pete's sake
I Loves My Water!

A huge High 5( ^5) THANK YOU going out
to everyone
who extended Best Wishes
on our
1st Blogoversary.
I am blown away at your kindness and generosity.
(...literally blown away on this hill, if I'm not careful...)