Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monkey Business!

This little gem of
an old-fashioned tea room
  called The Rose and Kettle
is my Grandpops favourite haunt.

Jim and his father are waiting patiently for their meals
when they look on the wall in front of them and spy
these two monkeys waiting to be snatched up.

These two monkeys couldn't be in better company than with these two jokers.

Look who's tapping their spoon and staring at my Dad, while waiting for Linda to come out with the meal.
Some people just love to tease.

I suppose you wondered where I was all this time.
Well I sat in the car and watched these ladies get ready for a children's party.

And the coolest thing happened earlier this morning....these lambs were born.
Can't you just see the kids' faces light up when they see them!

But you know what?
The coolest thing is....
that I'm looking forward to seeing Grandpop's face light up when
he gives these two cuties to his great granddaughters today. 
I think Sarah Jane and Julia are going to be tickled pink.

PS......For all those people who commented yesterday on the Cherries or Plums post
WELL.....DRUM ROLL.....The 1st photos are CHERRIES
and the one's following Jim and me are PLUMS!
Were you correct?

PPS....Thanks for the support regarding My Conundrum the other day.
Many handy helpful hints and support have given me a better idea
of what I really should be doing in the Park with Sophie.
Can't wait to try a new recall system with sweetie pie
and I know she'll respond well.
A special treat will be used and it's just a matter of finding the right one.
Thanks again!