Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm a One Year Old Blog Doggy!

While I played with Mr. Orangie above on the high slope,
below me the waves were putting on a massive show.
This should give you some idea of how steep this slope was.
This lone cormorant was not phased by the pounding surf
and I was not phased by the sight of the bird flying below me.
If I had been more aware, I would have seen the flock of birds parallel to the cormorant.
You see the ground provided me just enough scent for my much needed "sniffing action".
Being distracted, sometimes isn't a plus because I missed seeing this fellow soar by as well.
Yes, it's been raining but what I've noticed is that the colours are more intense in the grey atmosphere and the waters have more action. This is perfect for the photo-snapping Papa that keeps dogging me.
Such is the life of a 'one year old' blog doggy!