Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Wandering~~~~

HayLo, There!
(love this contorted face look)

Just wandering around the garden as usual.
How do you like our boxwood hedge?
It's growing gangbusters
and Ron is always pruning it.

He wanted to show you the new shoots popping out on 
the Dawn Redwood,

and the Larix Kaempferi
Japanese Larch
so delicate!

Even last year's seedhead of  a clematis
grabs your attention.

Sitting pensively near my pool in front of the Japanese Maples,
I wonder sometimes when someone is going to come and play.

I always survey the vet's place next door,
'cause there is always a chance 
that an unsuspecting 4 legged 
might see me.
Then, I'll turn on my "Let's Play" radar.
No luck yet, but that isn't going to stop me.


  1. Hello Sophie!! Once things start growing, they really take off, don't they? Leaves will be here before you know it, and a playmate will appear too, I just know it! Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Beautiful garden--but you need to go to the beach. Where are your dads....and Mr orange?

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. Lovely photos, she has a very pretty face! :-)

  4. Hi Sophie Doodle! Gracie gets that contorted face too and it always makes me laugh. Aah, you look lonely. If I were there I'd play orange ball with you...

  5. Spring appears to be taking hold up there : )

  6. love that first shot - great expression - what a face!

  7. Thanks for sharing your garden, Sophie, 'cause it's pretty bare around here!
    Love your "contorted" look - I can see Daddy Ron in your eyes!

  8. oh Sophie! How beautiful and lush everything is turning! your garden will be beautiful!

  9. The look on Sophie's face in that first photo is priceless!

  10. love the tour of your garden...hope some one gets caught by your radar soon...

  11. Sophie, you have a gorgeous garden!! I am so envious...;-)
    Hoping you get a play buddy by the pool, SOON!!!!
    Thank you for sharing a tour of your garden at CG....:)

  12. Sophie, mom is full of envy, because you have a beautiful garden...
    We destroy everything...

  13. Funny thing, Sophie has never done any digging or eating in the garden. Go figure. She is however 'stick-obsessed'!

  14. I sure hope you have a friend come play with you soon in your beautiful garden. I am always keep watch too. A dog can never have to many friends.

  15. It sure is a welcome sight to see everything starting to bud. I think we must have had a sunny day today because I awoke this evening to find leaves on all the trees. I'll send it your way.

  16. Dear Sophie...I'm really lovin' that header shot. You look fantastic. There are so many beautiful photos in the last three posts. Wow!

  17. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, you have a pawesome garden. Lots of neat things budding out all over.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  18. miss sophie!

    you look like you are goin' "hmmmph!" in the first pic cuz nobuddy is comin' out to play with you!! your garden is super duper pretty, though, and it looks nice 'n peaceful like for strollin' around. you are a lucky ducky to have those japanese maples cuz they are so so beautimous! my mama looooooves them.

    the booker man

  19. Everyone *sigh* on 3... isn't it great spring is here! Your garden looks amazing to relax in Sophie - enjoy!

    P.S. That cube floating photo is amazing! I want one lol.

  20. You and Jim must have awesome cameras because the picture quality is amazing! You take such good pictures of Sophie, Ron. She is a beautiful dog.

  21. Oooo... pretty clematis seedhead!

  22. What a beautiful garden you have Sophie. So many different things to look at! :D

    Hope someone escapes the vets place soon to play with ya ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  23. i DO lerve that first picture of you with the contorted face! our bella, being a boxer, gets her lip stuck often, in her mouth, and makes the silliest of faces... SO endearing... i love where you live, girl...

    who's a good girl...



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