Saturday, May 7, 2011

Over the Dunes...Come Along!

Hi Everyone!

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon,
so we jumped into the car
headed to the beach.


Come along with us
enjoy a jaunt over the dunes
which have gotten smaller
from the winter 
seas and winds.

I am always the first one
to reach the end of the path
without any hesitation 
over I go.

Waiting on the other side,
after a long winter
wet spring,
you will see something

See, didn't I tell you!

Para-surfers again, from another angle...

Only this time on the other side of the river.

There's no fog like the other day (click and see the difference)....

just brilliant skies and whitecaps.

The colours are so cheerful and just make you feel good inside.

I had a great time
running and fetching Mr. Orangie(by the way)
my saunter back to the car with Jim
was the icing on the cake.