Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fort Needham

 The rains held off most of the day, so we headed over the bridge to Halifax to walk Sophie and see if we could find a "4 legged" to play with.

Fort Needham in the north end of the city is an off leash park, at least part of it is.
So since Jim grew up in this area as a child,
 he knew where the entrances were located.
This entrance is actually quite dramatic from this angle with the steepness of the hill and position of the monument.

Jim is training me in this picture to heal.
Sometimes, gees...all the time, I get very excited when I arrive at a place I know is going to be a lot fun.

A map of Fort Needham's location is shown when you click on the link. The city was devastated in 1916 when two munition ships collided in the harbour killing many of the citizens.  

 Once we passed the Bell Tower (which sounded while we were there), I was able to fetch Mr. Orangie.

I really needed a good run because of being cooped up too much the passed few weeks 
from the incessant rains.

These beech trees leaves near the Bell Tower were showing signs of leafing out.

Jim and I stood by The Bell Tower in what appeared to be some kind of ritual position.
That Jim is one funny guy!

The visit was successful for me.... getting plenty of exercise,
however "4 leggeds" were few and far between.
Oh, BTW, you can see the MacKay Bridge 
one of the two bridges that span our harbour.
Some day I will show you some pictures when we travel across the expanse.