Friday, May 27, 2011

Conundrum ~~~~~!

Hi, so glad you caught up!
I've got a conundrum which has been gnawing at me for awhile.

I'm sure you all know I'm pretty exuberant and love humans to bits.

I am so over socialized with 4 leggers that I just don't go screaming into a dog mix unless there is a human.

Yes my treat radar is on overload and I can sniff out a morsel without any hesitation.

So I guess that's what can get me into trouble sometimes.

You see we reached the park yesterday afternoon around 2pm and headed up the path from the parking lot. The guys were being extra vigilant by steering me away from the swampy mudholes which I think are mighty cool. I guess they don't. We are also concerned about being in the designated off-leash area of the park so I can run and meet other pups.  We had just passed a delicious looking brown pool of water and Ron conned me good and held onto Mr. Orangie. I certainly pay attention when Mr. Orangie isn't in my mouth. 

As we passed the area, Ron tossed the ball ahead and just at that moment an older couple came walking around the corner. People...treats...let's find out! Boy...big mistake...the lady freaked and the husband started bad mouthing us. Of course, nervousness and chatter just encourage me to be more inquisitive. So no matter of apologies or 'so sorry' helped. Now we are going in to super vigilant mode even in our designated walk areas.

Any one out there have this problem before?

Any handy helpful hints as to what to say?

I so look forward to my park walks and I would hate to upset another couple who don't understand dogs.


  1. White dog looked like Gracie (only with a tail)....
    Oh Sophie, people who know this is a designated area for dogs to walk free should go somewhere else if they don't want to deal with dogs. It sounds like it's their problem, not yours. Just enjoy your time... (but don't knock grandma over!)

  2. unfortunately some folks just aren't dog people....and they don't understand the friendliness of a sweet girl...

  3. If you're in the off leash area, then they need to be aware of this and ready for what that means. But if you are still in the leashed area, you just gotta do it. Pugsley can be quite starteling to the unprepared. I taught him from an infant, that he must be on the leash. Now, he feels detached and alone when I let him off and will usually stick right by my side.

    You appologized. Let it go.

  4. Sorry, Sophie! Boot camp might be in order; to perfect your recall and long distance performance.

    Also, people walking in a dog park should be prepared for ummmm DOGS! If they don't want to deal with beautiful, friendly labradoodles there are parks where they can take their walks

  5. Got no handy hints, sorry. People aren't always used to being around dogs, it's true.

  6. Stick near your humans and you'll stay out of trouble. m.

  7. Are you serious?
    That is crazy. Didn't know they were in the unleashed area?

    Just smile very sweetly and apoligize for inconveniencing them and keep it moving.

  8. Let me get this straight... This is a designated no leash dog walking area, right?

    People walk their dogs there, with no leash requirements, right?

    So what the hell were the old people doing, walking "just themselves" there? Designated no leash dog walking area, says it all.

    People who do not want to meet up with unleashed dogs, do NOT WALK THERE. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


  9. Mmmmmmmmmmm... Did my comment go through? Have you taken the *dreaded* Word Ver. Setting off????

    Oh happy day! You are using just Comment Ver. setting!

    I guess...


  10. Yes!!!!

    -clapping hands-

    You did take the *dreaded* Word Ver. Setting off!

    I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!!


  11. Did the older couple not understand they were on an "off the leash trail"...??


  12. Unfortunitly Sophie some non-dog people insist on go to off-leash trails, or to parks during off-leash hours and then complain about the dogs. There isn't much you can do about them but smile ... then roll your eyes once they are passed.

  13. I guess some people are just not dog people-maybe they have had a bad experience of sorts ? Can`t believe they would be nervous of a gorgeous girl like you though Sophie !

  14. conundrum is a very big word for you, sophie. you are SO smart! as for those not nice peoples you ran into, its sad that everyone cant be as receptive and nice as they should be... but maybe they have had a bad experience with another dog in the past and they are askeeeered. after all, not all doggies and their parents are as graceful as you and your daddios.

    i love you sophie, you're such a sweetheart!

  15. Thanks so much for your kindness and support....I guess I have to remind myself to not play "hop on the oldster" or even "youngster" for that matter "anyster" exuberance just gets ignited when excitement is exhibited...deep breath...calmness...see I'm trying!

  16. We feel that if it is an off-leash area, they need to be more understanding. SHE usually yells out 'they're friendly' but then we're pretty small.

    Also, a yell of 'Wanta piece of cheese' usually gets our attention.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Your red tree does look like ours. Beautiful.

  17. Hi Sophie! Mom keeps us leashed even in the off-leash part of our walk until she can see who's coming from what direction. Then we're free to zoom. Also, Me and Bart are really good with our recall - Ruby, not so much, but people aren't afraid of her cuz she's little. People are fearful of us rottie dogs, so we always to try to do good PR. Some people are just jerks, though, Soph. Don't take it personally. You can only control what you can. Have fun!!


  18. Were you in the off-leash area when you "ran into" this couple? If so, we think you were well within your rights to be the exuberant pup that you are! If that couple doesn't like dogs, exuberant or otherwise, they should stay on the leashed side of the park...or stay home-ha!

  19. We are very fortunate in Halifax to have this huge park and approximately 90 percent of it is off-leash...really quite an amazing place to have for all to use! So yes we were in the off-leash area for sure!

  20. Those people should not have been in your area Sophie,,
    if they are fearful of dogs,, why can't they go somewhere else?
    Its your playland,, not theirs.
    They should go walk in a mall or something,,
    there is no reason to fear happy Sophie

  21. Blimey, I think they were being totally unreasonable. They were taking a walk in an off leash dog area. What did the expect to encounter?!

    I would just politely point that fact out to them!

  22. We've had and have the same problem. I could write a book about all the things that we've done. K is cured. She will do a recall away from a person if I see the person in time. I give her a jackpot (many good treats) and tell her to "sit-stay" as the person passes. If I don't see the person in time, K goes over to say hi but approaches slowly for the last few steps and doesn't jump. Most people are fine with this. When I'm going to be on a trail with lots of strangers, I tend to stay extremely vigilant so that I can recall her before she approaches strangers (even though she'll be polite once she gets there). It took the first 2 years of her life with lots of training to reach this point.

    Our trainer recommends two main things (that we're still working on with R). One is to carry extra special treats that your dog always gets when a person appears (and only gets them in that situation - not in other situations). Essentially, this makes the person into a cue for your dog to come back to you and get those treats. If your dog is not so motivated by food, reserve an extra special toy that you carry in your pocket and hand to your dog when she returns upon seeing a stranger. For Sophie, that could be the orange ball. Then, you leash her as you hand her the toy. After the person passes, you could play with the orange ball for a little bit before putting it away in reserve for the next meeting.

    In future puppies, I plan to ask other people not to make a big deal out my young puppies on the trail. I would like my dogs to be indifferent to strangers on trails or in parks. If people never make a big fuss over them on trails or in parks, I think that they might never get excited about strangers in those situations. That's happened naturally with mountain bikers who almost never stop to say hi to our dogs - so our dogs ignore them when we see them on the trails.

    Sorry to write so much but this is a very tough problem to tackle with gregarious dogs like Sophie, K and R. You don't want to do anything that might make them afraid of strangers but you also don't want them to make people upset. That's a very tough balance to reach.

  23. Hi Y'all!

    It's time's like this, whether a strange dog or person, my Human uses my whistle sit, or just makes me sit and stay or she'll use my recall. I always get loads of praise or treats, but she holds my tab lead until the person or other dog pass.

    Often people have no reliable recall when their dog sees another dog. My Human is always afraid the strange dog may not be friendly or healthy.

    Even if we are walking on leash she puts me in a heel on the opposite side from where people or dogs will pass me on the trail.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  24. Georgie doesn't have that problem. He will charge into any group, canine, human or mixed. His treat radar is excellent I'll have you know.


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