Saturday, November 30, 2013


At my perch on the deck 
I can see what is happening to my garden.
Frost has more than arrived 
and is dappling everything 
with a white lacy edging.

Even the grapes have frozen.
Ice wine possibly?

Ice in my drinking barrel for sure though!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Take a moment for yourselves today, folks.
Find that place of tranquility with your loved ones
or even by yourself.

Spending time close to your best friend

enjoying the connection 
the ease of movement
between yourselves

in this big vast world we live in

once in awhile it feels just right to experience the world 
by yourself

to gracefully make landing
without worry or anticipation

to take your pictures 
as you see them

and be thankful
for what you have
who you have
in your small universe.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends
to all those that feel thankful 
anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am a good listener.
Just look at the directness of my gaze
the intense stare I'm giving Jim,
as we saunter through the park today.

Follow me, after all I am the leader, the one charge.
I'll take you exactly to where you want to go guys!
I know!

Now that you guys got your little bit of nirvana, peace and nature moment

I'm going have a dunk and have mine.

Aaah, that does feel good!

Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's November,
Movember for some
but for me it's a quick jump into the car
and drive to the Valley to buy more local apples.

About 1/2 hour from home you could see the white stuff
starting to fall in the distance
snow squalls
a white out
then clear as a bell.

 Snow squall approaching 
get ready 
keep an eye on the road!

Clearing up somewhat as we pass the sleeping vineyards.
Beautiful colour this time of year.
Who would have known?

Because our favourite spot for exercise was super busy with weekend pups,
we decided to try and find an old haunt of Ron's
(cool video)
for something different and exciting to discover.

The Three Pools are hidden away on land owned by The Nova Scotia Power Corporation
which doesn't want to be liable for any accidents
so have plenty of signage up
trying to discourage walkers and their dogs.
What signage?
We didn't see any signs with huge letters all over them.

Ron was using his internal GPS to find the pools
but wasn't successful in locating them.
I had no idea what was going on
so I just romped around and sniffed the air for wild life
like bears and coyotes.

I did find this brook cutting across our pathway
falling over the edge into a huge water course below.

We figured we try again some time,
so we returned to the car 
and headed into the town for eats.

Besides the snow was getting heavier
and snow squalls are unpredictable this time of year.
Don't want a car stuck down a dirt road,
now, do we!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Memories are but only a minuscule portion of the whole picture.
Sophie walking on this stony beach with awesome storm-like clouds
hanging over her and myself.
Long waves creeping in slowly crashing with white froth
being trapped in the rocks smothering the shoreline.

I saw this is a magazine recently and it made so much sense to me.
The camera has opened up a brand new world to me
and with Sophie's assistance and patience,
I have painstakingly taken images to share with you
so that you can feel that way I feel when I see them.

Looking down are rocks under Sophie's feet. 
From wide vistas to the beautiful stones under our feet !!!
I would never have remembered this singular rock
but with my trusty camera I have captured it
and am able to work with it in a myriad of ways.
 Start taking more pictures my friends,
you just never know what little gem is waiting for you.


Just as I snuggled into the front seat 
on the passenger side
getting ready for 
my 1st Doodle Driver Training lesson ~~~

I peered out the window and noticed this Doodle tied to the tree
waiting patiently for Mr/Ms human to come out of Starbucks.

Doesn't seem fair
because it's beginning to rain
and I mean rain ~~~

see what I mean

I am kind of worried about my DoodleFriend ~~

the sun is going down and the streets are wet and messy

I always worry about my Friends,
no matter if they have a bit of
in them or not!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


with my latest installment.
If you are just coming on board and want to read the entire story
from Day 1 onwards,
and each and every day is listed.

Physic Lady, where have you been all this time?
What do you have to say for yourself?

So many questions started flipping through my little noggin.
All I wanted to do was save everyone from a fate worse than death.
Who am I kidding this is the "worst" happening ever, right now in front of me.
I was beside myself running around in the snow trying to figure what next, then....
Ding Dong,
all of the sudden it dawned on me...
I remember when I was trapped in the back seat of Physic Lady's car
that I sniffed her purse and she had a cell/mobile in amongst all that paraphernalia.
Is this a sign, a good sign?
It sure better be because if her cell doesn't work, we are up the creek without a paddle.

Oh sweet Lady, oh sweet Physic lady
as I nuzzled her softly but earnestly
my nose was pressing against her purse
aiming directly at her cell.
Does she understand?
Maybe if I get hyper again in my doggy fashion,
she just might get the idea that there is something seriously wrong.
(tightly squeezing so there's no peeing on this human's leg like before)

I think she is realizing.
I think the light bulb has turned on.
There's a flicker,
a flicker of HOPE.

OK, Miss "See Everything and Know it All"
there is a serious problem and you have to help us.

Follow me so you'll know to call 911!

It isn't very far
please, please come along!

Where are you going?
You can't go that way!
You just can't!!!

See tomorrow's entry from
Haley & Zaphod 
for the next instalment.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I know you've seen the movie ~~~ right!?!

Shhhh, I whispering, don't let THEM see or hear you ~~~


more silence

One quick Mr. O fetch

they are behind you 

(if you are a bird lover then I suggest you don't look,
but if you are a glutton for scary stuff 
then go ahead and view)

~~ Sophie Doodle aka Alfreda HitchDoodle

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The autumn colours are hanging in 
along our path today.

You know humans have this ability to open their mouths
and words pop out ~~ and guess what I know exactly what they mean.

Even though I could smell the fresh spring up ahead
with my 20/20 sniffer
I played along with my human's comments
"Sophe, hon, do you know what's up ahead?"

Oh yes, I most certainly do!
Fresh water
a quick dig dig dig in the water
a long slurp or 3
sometimes a dunking
a head and body shake to continue the walk.

I always feel better after a walk, a dunk
and some re-hydration.

Don't you?