Sunday, November 10, 2013


Near the end of my park walk today 
Ron decided that he was going to 
the Public Gardens to capture
 a few pictures of the ducks on the pond.

Nothing at this end 
other than some very interesting moving reflections
which he told me was caused by
some ducks
just to the right.

Yes, the ducks were very much at home
cruising around 
looking for food and companionship,
if you know what I mean.

 Three males and one busy female
^music break^

Life is very tranquil most of the time
but occasionally excitement ensues
and off the ducks paddle.

This tranquil moment is for you
(but be assured, yesterday's video of ducks frantically
swimming after the lady was really good,
but Ron deleted the video by mistake)

Outside one of the gates 
after visiting the gardens
we saw a lone bicycle,
I'm sure s/he had a very serene visit,
lucky duck!!