Thursday, November 21, 2013


with my latest installment.
If you are just coming on board and want to read the entire story
from Day 1 onwards,
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Physic Lady, where have you been all this time?
What do you have to say for yourself?

So many questions started flipping through my little noggin.
All I wanted to do was save everyone from a fate worse than death.
Who am I kidding this is the "worst" happening ever, right now in front of me.
I was beside myself running around in the snow trying to figure what next, then....
Ding Dong,
all of the sudden it dawned on me...
I remember when I was trapped in the back seat of Physic Lady's car
that I sniffed her purse and she had a cell/mobile in amongst all that paraphernalia.
Is this a sign, a good sign?
It sure better be because if her cell doesn't work, we are up the creek without a paddle.

Oh sweet Lady, oh sweet Physic lady
as I nuzzled her softly but earnestly
my nose was pressing against her purse
aiming directly at her cell.
Does she understand?
Maybe if I get hyper again in my doggy fashion,
she just might get the idea that there is something seriously wrong.
(tightly squeezing so there's no peeing on this human's leg like before)

I think she is realizing.
I think the light bulb has turned on.
There's a flicker,
a flicker of HOPE.

OK, Miss "See Everything and Know it All"
there is a serious problem and you have to help us.

Follow me so you'll know to call 911!

It isn't very far
please, please come along!

Where are you going?
You can't go that way!
You just can't!!!

See tomorrow's entry from
Haley & Zaphod 
for the next instalment.


  1. Hi Y'all!

    Oh, snow in your world?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Not really, Hawk ~~~ I had to use a SNOWY picture for the novel writing session I just did! Hopefully it gave the viewer more punch!!

  2. Very interesting.

    Janie and Franklin, who wishes he could run in that white stuff with Sophie (he's never seen snow)

    1. I'll UPS some WHITE STUFF if you are interested !!

      Better yet, in the DEAD of WINTER, come on up and see us!!

      You'll think twice about the WHITE STUFF then, GUARANTEED!!

      Ron, not so much SOPHIE because she LOVES the WHITE STUFF

  3. Replies
    1. So am I Lily !!!!!

      This story is just like a scary novel!!

      Ron and Sophie

  4. Love that picture of Sophie dashing through the snow. And your episode is so fun ~ I definitely wouldn't want a dog peeing on my leg, so thanks for squeezing tightly! I am going to read all of the novel ~ after Christmas! Why did I decide to be Ms. Holly Homemaker this year? I actually bought six pounds of butter earlier this week! That is normally about two year's supply! I love the white stuff too, Sophie. I'm going to see Gracie and Rufus next week, and we are going to go romping in the snow! Can't wait! Take care!

    1. Thanks for reading my installment LouLouDoodle ~~ it's a lot of reading and it would be a great short story for over the hollerday!!

      Next week is the beginning of you CHEER time ~~ so much fun! Some time I will have to partake.

      Have funners with Gracie and Rufus ~~~ lots of hugs and licks!

      Sophie and Ron

  5. Oh dear, more suspense! Wonderful! Me-Ommmmmm

  6. I am off to read from the beginning

    1. I get confused easily LOL If I just read from the beginning your posts is that all in order-or do I need to go back and read the other participants in order

    2. Hi kathy,
      Sorry for the confusion!

      Nov 1 is the 1st entry, Nov 2 is the second and so on...!

      My November 6 entry lists ALL the daily contributions thus far just click or copy and paste this

      For example #1 Rocco "invited me" ~~~click "invited me" and that will take you to the 1st entry
      #2 Bongo "hit the bongoes even further" ~~~ click the par tin quotes and that is the 2nd entry

      All the entries are listed and you just click the highlighted section, unfortunately the colour I chose is dark blue(which I have to change soon). If you are still confused then I'll send you a complete list of links!


  7. YAY!! What a great addition to the story! :D

    ...and if you guys reading would like to contribute, please feel free. We still have a few days left to fill!

    1. I'm spreading the word, Andrea ~~ hopefully someone will lend a helping hand!


    2. The Mini Pet Pig is going to do the 23rd, I'm scrambling to find more people!

  8. We get to witness a novel in the making step by step! We are all cheering you on. I hope you don't forget us when you become famous!

    1. Oh I'll never forget my DoodleFriends ~~ weally or is that wheelie!!!


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