Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's November,
Movember for some
but for me it's a quick jump into the car
and drive to the Valley to buy more local apples.

About 1/2 hour from home you could see the white stuff
starting to fall in the distance
snow squalls
a white out
then clear as a bell.

 Snow squall approaching 
get ready 
keep an eye on the road!

Clearing up somewhat as we pass the sleeping vineyards.
Beautiful colour this time of year.
Who would have known?

Because our favourite spot for exercise was super busy with weekend pups,
we decided to try and find an old haunt of Ron's
(cool video)
for something different and exciting to discover.

The Three Pools are hidden away on land owned by The Nova Scotia Power Corporation
which doesn't want to be liable for any accidents
so have plenty of signage up
trying to discourage walkers and their dogs.
What signage?
We didn't see any signs with huge letters all over them.

Ron was using his internal GPS to find the pools
but wasn't successful in locating them.
I had no idea what was going on
so I just romped around and sniffed the air for wild life
like bears and coyotes.

I did find this brook cutting across our pathway
falling over the edge into a huge water course below.

We figured we try again some time,
so we returned to the car 
and headed into the town for eats.

Besides the snow was getting heavier
and snow squalls are unpredictable this time of year.
Don't want a car stuck down a dirt road,
now, do we!!