Saturday, November 16, 2013

HIGHLAND CATTLE wannabee, that's me!

Around the bend in the road we pressed leaving the town
after a quick jaunt to the Valley.
We needed to  replenish our stores of veggies, jams, honey and bulk apples
and this is what was waiting for us on this corner field.

 Highland cattle grazing not paying much attention to us
as Ron quietly exited the car and began taking photos.

The profiles of these two are really quite beautiful and majestic
with the shaggy manes and the protruding horns.

Closer up, just look at these amazing eye lashes!

 I get the feeling these two are an item.
What do you think?

This super shaggy younger one was off munching 
without any notice on me looking
from my perch in the backseat of my car.

Gees, all I need is some horns!
I do feel a kinship of some sort.
Just call me ~~ 
a Highland Cattle Wannabee!