Wednesday, November 6, 2013



I'm "PAW"ticipating because I'll try anything once, it's good for you, you know!
Just read the first 5 installments below and you'll catch up quickly:

#1 Rocco invited me 
#3 Haley & Zaphod  pulled us in even deeper
#5 My Rotten Dogs is very psychic 

Now Part #6 ~~~ here's my little part from 
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Dizzily careening along the roadway, I glimpsed out the side window to see the view above. It almost made my stomach turn. Why are we driving at breakneck speeds on such a narrow roadway? Perhaps, if I put buried my head tightly into the backseat cushions, then maybe, just maybe I could handle this ride.

I saw the lady's hand frantically searching in the depths of her purse, pulling out all sorts of things a cell phone, a packet of tissues, a lipstick, a pen, a notepad and yes, something so familiar, a treat. The aroma wafted into the backseat. I watched as she slowly raised her elbow, then her wrist and hand as she lowered the morsel down to me. Delight sheer delight! Thank you mystery lady who knows my name. I will always remember you.

Then without any warning the car came to a complete and screeching halt. The door flew open, a hand reached in and I could feel my collar being tugged. "Come along Petey, hurry!" Out onto a trail we flew, dusk is not a time to be sprinting along an unfamiliar logging road. It's very dangerous even in the day time. See what I mean, that tree is blocking my way!

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