Thursday, November 14, 2013


Dreaming, I'm day dreaming again.

This is our new library 
which is slowly becoming a beautiful modern building 
before our very eyes.

Unusual design 
international architects 
and locally 

That tree has my attention!
I figured the tree would be felled,
but lo and behold
it is mirrored in the glass.
Love it!

The sky, the tree, the bird flying over head,
everything seems to be as one.

The mammoth cranes are still lifting and manouevring
the materials that are coming together
for the opening in May 2014.

This video is self-explanatory 
giving you a full range view 
of this beautiful piece of architecture.

I guess I'm not day dreaming afterall,
because it is right in front of me.
Can't wait to sniff
on the sidewalk 
along side those enormous windows.