Monday, November 11, 2013


and this year I have expanded on his accomplishments.

Always willing to take a moment for the photo op,
even in wartime.

With his buddies of 73 Squadron 
in the North African desert 
during the charge on Rommel's forces

With his buddies in the 443 Squadron
in Britain in January 1944

Leaning against his plane
as he served duties taking him to Normandy and Arnhem

Nothing was showing in the cards
nothing made obvious
as Dad played football at Acadia University
in 1939.
#8 in the back row
was about to embark upon
a hero's voyage.
Life takes it's journey
and Dad knew he had his journey to follow.
My brother, Mike and I are very proud
of our father 
hold onto these pictures and stories
with much honour and respect.