Friday, November 22, 2013


Memories are but only a minuscule portion of the whole picture.
Sophie walking on this stony beach with awesome storm-like clouds
hanging over her and myself.
Long waves creeping in slowly crashing with white froth
being trapped in the rocks smothering the shoreline.

I saw this is a magazine recently and it made so much sense to me.
The camera has opened up a brand new world to me
and with Sophie's assistance and patience,
I have painstakingly taken images to share with you
so that you can feel that way I feel when I see them.

Looking down are rocks under Sophie's feet. 
From wide vistas to the beautiful stones under our feet !!!
I would never have remembered this singular rock
but with my trusty camera I have captured it
and am able to work with it in a myriad of ways.
 Start taking more pictures my friends,
you just never know what little gem is waiting for you.