Saturday, April 8, 2017


"get back here,
that stick is mine"

Minerva has my stick!
Albus (aka Elvis) is on my tail literally
trying to snag the stick
as we leap through the fields of heather.

Speed is our friend today!
The fact that we are Poodles 
we are driven by the same higher being!

With an obligatory sniff
making the encounter complete and satisfactory,
my new friends head off ~ ~

See you guys later 
perhaps we'll meet up again in
these Fields of Gold
(in my eyes at least)

Monday, March 20, 2017


Hey folks!
I am in a hurry as usual.
The guys are celebrating their 8th.
They got married 8 years ago,
however they keep saying
they like the number 44 better.

So Happy 44th to my Dads!
(this song was playing in the background
and suits them perfectly,
even if it was a hit in 1965,
8 years before they met)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


This is my view today
high up
Hawkin's Hill
looking over Lawrencetown Beach

The climb begins and with precision
I sniff every track
every piece of grass

work my way passed last years cattails
sticking up so stiff
managing to survive another one of our winters.

The incline is immediately evident
so we veer off at the 1st path
instead of taking the sharp inclined path
which I used to fly up
a few years ago.

Up on top of the hill
tucked away
erected by one or more loved ones
a statue for Katie.
I sniff
I approve
I continue on.

Heading back
along the ridge Porter's Lake looms to my right.
A slight melting of ice
gives me hope for an early spring.

On the return trek we reach the top of the incline
I spoke of above.
I see my car parked along Hwy #207
knowing that everything
has been
worth every sniff
every crunching step through snow
I "just can't get enough"
of my world
no matter what the season has to offer.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Caught your eye again, 
I see
Come along and let me show you my discovery ~

Since I have my nose to the ground 95% of the time

 I almost missed this beauty of a gem
hanging in the trees recently

 fluttering as the breezes slipped passed

She is my ANGEL of the WOODS
she brings me
much joy!

Thursday, February 9, 2017


As soon as I get out of the car
I begin to run and run
find a stick
(because Mr. Orangie is hibernating right now)
then the snow squalls begin ~

blustering ice flakes and crystals

softening the landscape
for as far as the eye can see

runners and walkers 
pay no attention

the winds are relentless along the rocky beach area

even the old fortress can not escape 
Mother Nature's eroding onslaught

no picnics today at the park
some Doodles enjoy and some not-so-much
these February snow squalls.
I for one am in total favour of them.
They perk you up instantly
let you know that you are alive.

Then as quickly as they came
they are gone in a flash.
Namaste, my friends!

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Daddy Ron let me out of the car
as he peered through the frosty windshield 
at the boardwalk 

He tries to keep up!
But I am a LADY DOODLE on a mission.
I know what I have to do
veering off the snow covered walkway
into the deeper snow
affords me more chances of finding 

No luck 
so up and over the walkway
onto the beach itself
surely should connect me with just one small tiny morsel

alas all my seaweed treats are covered up
not visible and not even allowing my nose to detect
where they might be hiding
in all these 
"blues and whites"
Next time!