Friday, April 19, 2019


Since we have been cooped up all winter
we decided it was time for a breather
a few hours of nothing but 
zen & peaceful views
for our souls.

Grand Pre 
is located outside of Wolfville, N.S.
a hop skip and jump
from Ron's hometown.

As I sniff this place for the 1st time
I have to make sure all is fine.
Check mark!
It is.

The land is low lying as you can see.
The winds blow fiercely at times
which isn't bad at all.
There is a grand view of Cape Blomindon 
as viewed in the 1st picture
and the picture below here.

This huge table top-like etched map of the view
is quite remarkable.
The streets of Wolfville are clearly visible,
even Prospect St where Ron spent 23 years.

 The dykes are part of the legacy and
are deep within our DNA and history.
Coming to this view brings back so many memories
of the lands you see in the distance.
I, (Sophie) love this place.
I do believe the guys brought me here today
for a deep cleansing.
We needed time to reflect and to just be.
Ron here now ~ |~ Sophie has been on 
medication for over a week now,
with very little change.
Another week to go.
Her breathing is laboured when she becomes excited.
She sleeps and eats well,
but being a parent I can notice a huge change
related to her age.
~ One day at a time ~