Friday, April 19, 2019


Since we have been cooped up all winter
we decided it was time for a breather
a few hours of nothing but 
zen & peaceful views
for our souls.

Grand Pre 
is located outside of Wolfville, N.S.
a hop skip and jump
from Ron's hometown.

As I sniff this place for the 1st time
I have to make sure all is fine.
Check mark!
It is.

The land is low lying as you can see.
The winds blow fiercely at times
which isn't bad at all.
There is a grand view of Cape Blomindon 
as viewed in the 1st picture
and the picture below here.

This huge table top-like etched map of the view
is quite remarkable.
The streets of Wolfville are clearly visible,
even Prospect St where Ron spent 23 years.

 The dykes are part of the legacy and
are deep within our DNA and history.
Coming to this view brings back so many memories
of the lands you see in the distance.
I, (Sophie) love this place.
I do believe the guys brought me here today
for a deep cleansing.
We needed time to reflect and to just be.
Ron here now ~ |~ Sophie has been on 
medication for over a week now,
with very little change.
Another week to go.
Her breathing is laboured when she becomes excited.
She sleeps and eats well,
but being a parent I can notice a huge change
related to her age.
~ One day at a time ~


  1. To love our dogs deeply is a scary thing, but what would our lives be without them? There are a few dogs on the blogs that I have come to love and Sophie certainly is one of them. I don't think there's any dog I know of who has lived a better life. Her orange ball, her flying into the water, swimming away, all the while being deeply loved by two great men at home and so many others all over the world. Let her just move at her own pace, give her the meds, and love her as you always have. Sending hugs.

    1. Holding onto your words and truth Inger.
      Sophie has shown us so many things, things we would never have known or lwarned.
      She has love for all, all the time.
      Right now Jim has taken her to the trail for a sniff and her constitution.
      She was insistent and we obeyed.
      Guess we are under her spell.
      As always,
      Ron & Jim

  2. A change of scenery is what you all need, and will enjoy the views, the air, the sky, and just being there. One day, and we all notice changes, ever so slightly sometimes, and know when someone is not their best.I am hoping with all my heart that Sophie will have better health with another week of meds.Mean- time, love each other and enjoy every moment.XXXXX

    1. Thanks so much Jean for your kindness.
      One day at a time is pretty much how we are dealing with this.
      Sophie is our 3rd dog, so we know what's ahead.
      |Keeping her calm and well loved is priority.
      As always.
      Ron & Jim

  3. Sophie, Ron! You're back! I've missed The Three Amigos in this space so much! And how lovely to see Cape Blomidon and the dykes! It's hard to accept that Ms. Sophie Doodle is getting older; but if we're lucky, we get to be older. I know she couldn't be in better hands. My left eye is doing winkers like crazy at spotting your post! Sending you and Jim big hugs and Ms. Doodle her favorite gentle caress!

    1. I decided to re-connect with the blog world recently.
      This was before Sophie's recent breathing issues began.
      Now I am thinking twice about it.
      I still will continue.
      Sophie is 12 now and life has been so very good for her and us.
      Best to you both

  4. Oh, such a beautiful day and place. Sending you a group hug.

    1. I grew up nearby and cycled the dykes below as a teen.
      It is always a soul refreshing time when re-visiting.
      Best to you both

  5. What a beautiful spot and so peaceful. Hugs to the three of you♥

    1. Grande Pre is a very peaceful landscape. Hope it put a little bit of zen in your world today!

  6. Wishing you and Jim a relaxing and enjoyable Easter Day!

    1. We walked the trail for a wee bit ~ tried to find a restaurant that was open ~ we did phew then cam home to prune and rake the path ways. Before we knew it we were tired so I came in and editted some photos. Some addictions are acceptable I hope!
      Best to your both.

    2. We had a short walk, too. We ended up at an Italian restaurant that we knew had terrible service because very little was open. However, a bottle of chianti helped (It was about a kilometer from our house, just beyond our favorite Parkway which was closed). You are so talented with your editing, Ron. You can do far worse that being addicted to creating beauty!

  7. So happy you're blogging again! That is such a beautiful spot to relax and just be. Wishing you all well, and I hope you had a lovely Easter day!

    1. We walked the trail a couple of times albeit short ones. That's OK.
      Pruned a couple bushes.
      Laid around and watched the guys ~ they are a funny couple of coconuts.
      Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you both.
      As always!

  8. I enjoyed your scenic sojourn. Sometimes, you just have to be in the moment (as Sophie knows well). Hugs from (snowy) CO.

    1. The rains are soaking the spring bulbs now. |A deluge always happens here. SMiles all around of course. Sophie is taking her last pill today and we head to the vet on Monday. Fingers crossed.
      All the best, Barb

  9. It is indeed a beautiful part of Nova Scotia. We enjoyed our visit to Wolfville and Grand-Pre when we were last in the Maritimes. The Land of Evangeline! I hope the excursion brought you joy, Sophie, Jim and Ron.

    1. It most certainly did Debra.
      I can remember your visit like it was yesterday.
      Hi to all and best.


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