Thursday, July 29, 2010


Daddy Ron decided it was time for a new header and here are the steps he went through to achieve the final choice....

First: Choose a photo that is appealing...

Secondly: Give it a pop of brightness....

Thirdly: Slightly distort the image, in this case with a crystalizing effect....

Fourthly: Fine tune the photo with a slight change in the size of the crystallizing effect....and add some natural 'look' from the original photo....

Fifthly: Choose a font and colour....

'Et Voila' .... the choice is made......

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Auntie Elaine & friends drop in.....

Auntie Elaine and friends drop in from Edmonton,Alberta. Elaine has lived in Nova Scotia previously but the guys, one has never been here and the other moved here two years ago. So it is my pleasure to show them the beach(es) and teach Auntie Elaine how to throw my ball.....

It's all in the 'flick' of the wrist, any good ball player would tell you that.....Auntie Elaine is one of the best teachers I've run into in my three years...honest!

I had the great pleasure of running into 4 doggies today.....a Dobermann, 2 small poodley mix types and Jake the black and white bulldog. Now they all loved to run and shove but I gave it back to them.
They loved the water naturally.

The last 4 legged creature I spied was a horse galloping along the beach, actually I was entranced at the grace and speed.....mmmm!

We finally got home and the guys sacked out....

I heard.....'I don't know what's wrong with me but I so tired" 

Daddy Ron said "It's the fresh salt air and the walk, you don't even realize how great it is for you, that's why we do it every day"

All I heard was the slight sound of snoring while Daddy Jim whipped up a humongous seafood chowder. Oh Maritimers and their seafood chowder, I soo love living here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

PEI cont'd

We got to the Sea Glass Festival one day early which for me was OK because it meant I had the entire lawn to run and fetch. While Jim scouted out the tent area, Ron and I played. We finally ended up on the beach and look what Ron found!

Green glass.... sort of reminds me of some story or book from PEI...oh yeah, Anne of Green Gables....sick I know but it coming from my point of view, so it's OK!

Jim kept searching with his determined position of head down.

Since hunger reared it's ugly head we headed for The Chowder House at Point Prim. I watched Ron as he went to get my water hot!

I waited patiently and soon I had the owner wrapped around my little paw. The water was sooo refreshing after our long walk searching and searching for sea glass! Soon we moved into the lattice work shade and sat calmly listening to the waves and birds...we were the only ones there...!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What do we have here Sunday?

Saw this on our trek through Prince Edward Island. 
Any good quesses? 

and with the great guesses, Stew from
is the winner!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sophie sees 2 'stars' !

Sitting calmly minding my own business, a beautiful girl comes over to me with 2 ice teas for Jim and Ron....

since I don't like ice tea, I cooled off in the spray coming out of the ground behind the bench we were sitting on.....

when from out of nowhere came
Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna.
I heard Harry was in L.A Law in the '80's
Lisa played Billie on Days of Our Lives in the '90's.

all I heard was...

        "Quick...get the camera...looks who's coming!"

So this is the beginning of famous people sightings for me!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OK!...I'm going to LIKE this Place!

We had FOG.....

TWO kinds it would shown above and below....

and RAIN..... :-(

Sunshine galore......!!!

with HIGH tides....

and LOW tides....

lots of GOOD food.....!!

World Cup finale....!

and Regis and Kelly
...(yawn for me...why...'cause there's no doggies on their show)....

until Lady Antebellum came on....Now I do like them!!

and with their song in my head...I headed outside and kept the beat going....

aah...what splendour being in the grass!!!!  ;-)

next....Sophie sees a TV/movie star(s).....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been Away and Now I'm Back....Vacation..yess!

Hi daddies and I were away for 10 days on Prince Edward Island (PEI).....
peaceful, calm
and swimming everyday.
This is a untouched photo of a sunset from the cottage deck one evening.
Yes... I ran on that beach the first day, second day and every day. I'll show you more once Daddy goes through the 800 + pics he took.....I love having my picture taken ~~~ Look below!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

There is a reason why my 2nd name is LICKER!

The technique that seems to be innate is.......firstly....stare with major intent!

2nd...fake a good yawn....!!

3rd.....move in with swift abandon and use your paw always!

4th...continue slurping, and since Jim's Dad has dubbed me "The Licker"....never stop unless the human's face is completely cleaned!

Then, lastly, curl up in a ball and fall fast asleep to be awaken refreshed and ready to start all over again!

Friday, July 9, 2010


7:30 rings.....

Jami: Hi Uncle Jim! It's your favorite niece Jami. Fennie and I are in town and we wondered if you, Ron and Sophie were interested in going for a walk on the beach?

Jim:  Hey Jami! We must be on the same wavelength or something, we are just heading out now. Meet us at the parking lot!

Jami:  We'll be there and Erika is coming along too.

Jim: Perfect! Haven't seen her since Facebook pics!

After a long stroll we ended up by the river for a chance to throw sticks and balls to try and tire the dogs. Fennie is a Boston Terrier and, yes...his name comes from Fenway Park...original, eh! Fenway is still young and 'full' of it. Oh, I remember those days when I was young and a holy terror. Fennie will grow out of it, I kept hearing.

Poor Fennie...the humiliation of it all! Cesar Milan would be proud...I hope. OK...Fennie are you ready to proceed...No more nipping, right!

I watched and with a lot of concentration ...could...remember those days of learning. Jim really likes me as you can see and 'No Way Jose' would I drive anyone around the bend...Honest!  ;-)