Friday, July 9, 2010


7:30 rings.....

Jami: Hi Uncle Jim! It's your favorite niece Jami. Fennie and I are in town and we wondered if you, Ron and Sophie were interested in going for a walk on the beach?

Jim:  Hey Jami! We must be on the same wavelength or something, we are just heading out now. Meet us at the parking lot!

Jami:  We'll be there and Erika is coming along too.

Jim: Perfect! Haven't seen her since Facebook pics!

After a long stroll we ended up by the river for a chance to throw sticks and balls to try and tire the dogs. Fennie is a Boston Terrier and, yes...his name comes from Fenway Park...original, eh! Fenway is still young and 'full' of it. Oh, I remember those days when I was young and a holy terror. Fennie will grow out of it, I kept hearing.

Poor Fennie...the humiliation of it all! Cesar Milan would be proud...I hope. OK...Fennie are you ready to proceed...No more nipping, right!

I watched and with a lot of concentration ...could...remember those days of learning. Jim really likes me as you can see and 'No Way Jose' would I drive anyone around the bend...Honest!  ;-)