Friday, July 2, 2010

My Beach...Check it Out!!!

Come on along and check it out....
 the beach at Lawrencetown...
(sung to the Lullaby of Broadway)
(click me!)

Today's the perfect July 2nd day, with temperatures in the teens and twenties. The beach is beckoning and our visitor Clancey wants us desperately to go for a stroll...We will oblige him, the little cutie is back....actually sometimes I think he's a live,walking teddy bear...


  1. You and Clancy have a great time playing together. Brrrr, cold here too -- temp's in the mid 50's F, around 13 or 14 C.

  2. Oh Sophie, what a lovely photo of you. You are looking fetching. How nice the beach looks too, you lucky dog.

  3. Amazing photos of a beautiful spot!
    You're a lucky pup to live there w/ your daddies.
    Hugs and belly rubs to you,

  4. Man, I wish we had a not-crowded beach to go to here. Looks like fun!!

  5. I bet you enjoy the cooler temps! So, Clancey is there for another visit, it's nice to have a friend visit!

  6. How nice that Clancey is visiting again! He sure is quite a cute little Q-tip. Enjoy your weekend!
    Daisy Mae
    p.s. - Momma says thanks for posting the website for the beach!

  7. Yay, Clancy is back to play! :) You look mighty fine on the beach. I just know you turn heads because you are so pretty.


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