Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Auntie Elaine & friends drop in.....

Auntie Elaine and friends drop in from Edmonton,Alberta. Elaine has lived in Nova Scotia previously but the guys, one has never been here and the other moved here two years ago. So it is my pleasure to show them the beach(es) and teach Auntie Elaine how to throw my ball.....

It's all in the 'flick' of the wrist, any good ball player would tell you that.....Auntie Elaine is one of the best teachers I've run into in my three years...honest!

I had the great pleasure of running into 4 doggies today.....a Dobermann, 2 small poodley mix types and Jake the black and white bulldog. Now they all loved to run and shove but I gave it back to them.
They loved the water naturally.

The last 4 legged creature I spied was a horse galloping along the beach, actually I was entranced at the grace and speed.....mmmm!

We finally got home and the guys sacked out....

I heard.....'I don't know what's wrong with me but I so tired" 

Daddy Ron said "It's the fresh salt air and the walk, you don't even realize how great it is for you, that's why we do it every day"

All I heard was the slight sound of snoring while Daddy Jim whipped up a humongous seafood chowder. Oh Maritimers and their seafood chowder, I soo love living here.