Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Auntie Elaine & friends drop in.....

Auntie Elaine and friends drop in from Edmonton,Alberta. Elaine has lived in Nova Scotia previously but the guys, one has never been here and the other moved here two years ago. So it is my pleasure to show them the beach(es) and teach Auntie Elaine how to throw my ball.....

It's all in the 'flick' of the wrist, any good ball player would tell you that.....Auntie Elaine is one of the best teachers I've run into in my three years...honest!

I had the great pleasure of running into 4 doggies today.....a Dobermann, 2 small poodley mix types and Jake the black and white bulldog. Now they all loved to run and shove but I gave it back to them.
They loved the water naturally.

The last 4 legged creature I spied was a horse galloping along the beach, actually I was entranced at the grace and speed.....mmmm!

We finally got home and the guys sacked out....

I heard.....'I don't know what's wrong with me but I so tired" 

Daddy Ron said "It's the fresh salt air and the walk, you don't even realize how great it is for you, that's why we do it every day"

All I heard was the slight sound of snoring while Daddy Jim whipped up a humongous seafood chowder. Oh Maritimers and their seafood chowder, I soo love living here.


  1. That looks and sounds like a wonderful time! Such great weather for it too! It's nice that you had some doggy friends to play with too!

  2. Sounds and looks like your had such a fun day. Meeting new friends. Playing ball. And seeing a horse in all its beauty.
    By the way, love the little table by the window! And those hardwood floors!

  3. Hi Sophie,
    Thank you fur your comment about my dachshund friend, Max, and I really love that you are trying to get a reaction from your neighbor dachshund. That's just awful that the poor dog has an owner who doesn't want her dog to bark or socialize. You keep at it with that dog and maybe you'll get a new walking partner.
    Love that you had so many people and dogs and horses to meet today! I wish I lived nearby so I could meet you pawsonally!

  4. Looks like you had a blast with your extended family. My problem is that people always want to throw the ball for me, but I dont want to chase it all the time. I hope you got to enjoy and afternoon nap as well.
    Daisy Mae

  5. OK that's it. Pugsley and I are packing everything into the hearse and we're moving there. Good bye Michigan!

  6. Who wouldn't love living there, dear Sophie. I've been throwing a ball to Princess and I'm a very bad thrower, wrist or no wrist action, I just don't get it. But I have one of those throwing tools -- I just misplaced it. Do you think Princess could sniff it out?--Inger

  7. Hi Sophie,
    I heard about your lovely blog from Dog Daze!!
    I just wanted to drop by to say HI!! What a fantastic set of pictures today. It looks like a lovely day by the sea,
    Madi and Mom

  8. What a beautiful beach you have, Sophie. It must have been tempting to run with the horse - glad you restrained yourself! Good girl!

  9. miss sophie,
    another most excellent day at the beach! your new friendz sound super cool. i especially like jake the black 'n white bulldoggie. he's handsome. oh, did you get some of that super delish seafood chowder? mmmmmm!
    the booker man

  10. Sharon..licks back to you 'gurl'!

    AJ...the table is old, old, old and was Daddy Ron's Mom's and he couldn't part with it when she passed on, so it is part of my living room with,YES hardwood floors which are continually sanded from the beach sand I shake out. Sorry floors!

    Teacher's Pet...I WILL keep at the neighbour's with out any hesitation!

    Rebecca and Daisy Mae...YES I had a NAP TOO...they can't out nap me in my own house.

    Stew...'Good Bye Michigan'...isn't that on Broadway now!

    Inger...find, find, find that throwing thingie( so useful!

    Madi and Mom...HI HI are so welcome to come on board...woo woo!

    Terry...if you only knew the close up pic that was missed. Daddy Ron had so much to hold onto and missed a few incredible pics of the horse turning and galloping away in the water...gorgeousness...really!

    the Booker man...nope no least I got cuddles and kisses and hugs..oh yeah...lamb treats(stunk) but were tasty.

  11. Sounds like you had an amazing day, Sophie!

  12. Great fun. Dillon would have run after the horse the bad boy !

  13. Wow you met new friends. That is sooo cool and seeing horses runnning too. That must have been so exciting. My moms can't throw too good. They need lessons. You always have such a good time.

  14. Auntie Elaine is a lot of fun, isn't she, Sophie? She has a great sense of humour, in addition to her ball throwing abilities!

  15. Auntie Elaine is the cat's meow, no the dog's howl....I love her to bits!


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