Monday, July 26, 2010

PEI cont'd

We got to the Sea Glass Festival one day early which for me was OK because it meant I had the entire lawn to run and fetch. While Jim scouted out the tent area, Ron and I played. We finally ended up on the beach and look what Ron found!

Green glass.... sort of reminds me of some story or book from PEI...oh yeah, Anne of Green Gables....sick I know but it coming from my point of view, so it's OK!

Jim kept searching with his determined position of head down.

Since hunger reared it's ugly head we headed for The Chowder House at Point Prim. I watched Ron as he went to get my water hot!

I waited patiently and soon I had the owner wrapped around my little paw. The water was sooo refreshing after our long walk searching and searching for sea glass! Soon we moved into the lattice work shade and sat calmly listening to the waves and birds...we were the only ones there...!