Monday, July 26, 2010

PEI cont'd

We got to the Sea Glass Festival one day early which for me was OK because it meant I had the entire lawn to run and fetch. While Jim scouted out the tent area, Ron and I played. We finally ended up on the beach and look what Ron found!

Green glass.... sort of reminds me of some story or book from PEI...oh yeah, Anne of Green Gables....sick I know but it coming from my point of view, so it's OK!

Jim kept searching with his determined position of head down.

Since hunger reared it's ugly head we headed for The Chowder House at Point Prim. I watched Ron as he went to get my water hot!

I waited patiently and soon I had the owner wrapped around my little paw. The water was sooo refreshing after our long walk searching and searching for sea glass! Soon we moved into the lattice work shade and sat calmly listening to the waves and birds...we were the only ones there...!


  1. Ask DR what sea glass is, precisely, I could guess, but would probably be wrong. Must be wonderful stuff, for them to have a festival!

  2. Looks like you had a blast on your vacation to PEI! It sure is beautiful there (who am I kidding - where you live is just beautiful in general.) Sea glass sure is pretty.
    Daisy Mae

  3. Seems like a perfect day. What an amazing piece of sea glass!

    You must be quite the charmer, Sophie -- you even get served at restaurants. Good girl.

  4. Sophie - I wish I was there..... Dillon does too !

  5. Oh yeah, you had it "made in the shade", huh?
    Hugs and belly rubs,
    ~K and the Pups

  6. Is there really an Anne of Green Gables house there?

  7. You get to visit the most wonderful places so it's a good thing I follow your blog to visit these places with you! My sister has been obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and has the books and videos to prove it. I, on the other hand, got tired of the lengthy descriptions in the series BUT that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate a trip to Prince Edward Island!

  8. Ah Sophie you crack me up. Anne of Green Gables!! lol :)
    I bet there isn't one person on this planet who you couldn't wrap around your finger ( paw)!!

  9. What a beautiful spot Sophie! Looked like a great day, green glass and fantastic refreshments!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. John..yes it's the luckiest colour on the planet...seriously(I'm 1/3 Irish so...)
    Yes Anne of Green Gables is part of our psychie(sp) and listening to Megan Followes is entrancing....not to mention Collen Dewhurst(Thorn Birds, mm) and YES there is a HOUSE in Cavendish.

    Now...Sharon...sea just manmade(person made--p/c for nowadays) objects that were thrown into the ocean and the sand,sea and sun do there number on it. They spend time rolling around and one finds them on the beach, streams and lakes with a nice frosted patina and various shades of the rainbow. SO addictive and not hard on ones health...actually restorative.

  11. Thanks, Sophie, I too was wondering what sea glass was. I'm glad to see you are having such a fun summer.

  12. Sound like the perfect place for a lovely dog like you. You are such a charmer, with that lovely smile.

  13. Sea glass festival!!! You know I LOVE sea glass! Did you see the link to the Bermuda beach (on my sidebar) that is covered in sea glass. It was incredible!


  14. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!



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