Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As I said...!


Saw these kitchy cards at a small shop near our place.

As we laughed , we noticed that
what was outside the window was breathtaking!


So have a laugh, take in a deep breath and enjoy the view!!


  1. Sophie,
    Momma says we are moving to Nova Scotia - as soon as Dad gets out of the military. (She says it's a 28 hour drive from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Halifax! I think she is serious!) Enjoy that beautiful view. Life really is wonderful.

  2. Sophie, your outlook on life is flawless. I wish everyone enjoyed life like you do. By the way, I tried to post your comment on yesterday's blog, but there seems to be something wrong with blogger and it won't go. Enjoy!

  3. Watching the surfer/sail person must have been entertaining. Great pics. Looks like it was a glorious day. Liked the cards.

  4. We always enjoy your views...

  5. That really looks fun and refreshing!

  6. Rebecca and Daisy Mae..I am waiting patiently for your move..bol(barking out loud)

    Louise..yes I had a few problems with blogger too...I just closed out and went back in again and it seemed to work

    AJ-Oaks...yes the parasurfer was exhilerating...I stare and then want to run after him/her!

    Ms.-K...tks for kind words

    Sharon...YES..refreshing is the RIGHT word..aah!

  7. Wow, those cards looks COOL! Mom likes the kitchen-y look on those too...*grins* Watching the surfer must be exciting...I don't think we get those here in Malaysia!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  8. beautiful views. I love your new picture - your daddy sure can take a good photo !

  9. Love those cards. The first one is a perfect picture of my life---right:)

    Surfing with a giant kite looks like fun.


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