Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today, the boys got back into kayaking after a very long hiatus. Back in the early 80's they learned the basics of kayaking from a fellow Jim met while taking a photography course at NSCAD, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. They really liked the sport immediately but time and events got in the way to continue with it. So, this morning was the 'somewhat later' continuance of this process.

As you can see the morning was perfect....calm waters, blue sky, three good friends, myself and Clancey

Instruction was precise and thorough, with Ron soaking up the information intently. I was sniffing the funny looking yellow thing. Why was he sitting in it? There's no room for me!

Liz and Ron picked up the big yellow tub and placed it in the water. What gives?

Jim was floating around the lake already in a big red tub...OK..come on....what gives with this?

I'm staring you down...I know my ESP telepathy will bring you back to me!

My daddies reassured me that being left in the cottage while they glided around the quiet waters of the lake would be good for me. Unfortunately, I only understand certain words and 'kayaking' is not one of them, so I put up a major fuss encouraging Clancey to join in. We could be heard for quite a distance. Funny...they didn't come back for an hour....aah...humans!