Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peace in the Woods

This small stream/brook
is locating down the road from our house.

Everytime Ron and I go for a walk
we slip passed it because the road
has plenty of fast moving cars whizzing by.

Today Ron ventured off the road into the woods
and came back with this small video.

Peace as always!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


While I sniff out a possible munchy treat,
Jim has discovered a patch of Mayflowers
or Trailing Arbutus 

These small, beautiful, fragrant flowers can be found on the sunny side of trails
sometimes in the most precarious of places.

Short video gives you an idea of what the Mayflower looks like.
(pls forgive the blurriness 1/2 way through)

Mr. Orangie and I waited patiently for the Mayflower photo session to be over.
Then from out of nowhere come 3, yes 3, Doodles!
Sorry nor sharing today guys/gals!
Look at them with their laser eyes on me!

They skedaddled away as Jim watches them.
Doodles always get his attention.

Back to more important things
Don't we blend in well!

So I scooted up over the hill into the brush and 
located a 
well-hidden bunch of Mayflowers 
Mr. Jim to photo!

Much greener leaves and much more fragrant.

OK, it's time to head for my old castle!
Remember we were here in January!
If not go HERE for a refresher!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Canal Season again!

The canal was my friend today.
With all the clouds, rain and fog in Halifax ~~~
we decided to make a beeline to the Valley
because word had it that the sun was shining there!

Speaking of beelines ~~~
my antennae were on full force
once I hit the water and began
to swim.

Up and Out!
Water dripping in sheets!
Jim is up there at the top and he'll 
throw Mr. Orangie again.

See ~~~ I'll just do my favourite shake
for the camera and then he'll toss the ball.

See what I mean!

(enjoy my short swim across the canal to rescue Mr. O)

Nothing better than a quick jaunt to the canal
to get the cobwebs out!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Conrad's Beach, a much needed walk!

Yes, spring is being stingy this year 
holding back with the warm breezes 
only doling out enough
for a big tease ~~~

that doesn't stop us from going to the beach ~~~

and catching Mr. Orangie 
Bingo Bango Bongo!

you can't hide from me
I know where you are
no matter how much you
hide from me.

Such is my long awaited visit to Conrad's Beach.

Peace Everyone!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sails on the Rocks, maybe!

We are always walking on rocks.
See the sails gliding by the massive boulders
that surround our city and province.

Those people with water frontage 
deal with water and tide levels everyday.

But I myself just slip along the cliff's edge ~~~

checking that the sails didn't land ashore on the rocks, unexpectedly.

I'm way down here ~~~

 mastering the delicate manouvres of rock walking in the water...

balancing, checking for slippery edges

reaching dry flat stones

and finally feeling the relief of a great stone to stand/sit on

we get loads of exercise every time we head out

Hey Jim come on down,
I have something to show you!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Moseying around the park 
high on a rock
viewing the harbour below...

teasing another Doodle
and non-Doodle
with their Jogger Daddy...

this is what caught my eye on
 Earth Day

a new way to carry your doggy...!

and it seems to work just fine
putting smiles 
on everyone's faces
as this lady walks by
carrying her 
doggy on a stick!!



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holy Toledo & Owen!

 Pardon my tongue!
Toledo ~~~ mocha chocolate, lamby wannabe,
made me do it,
while Owen teases Jim
as he comes in from
capturing some sunset pictures.

Toledo likes to spin and spin
thus the name Holy Toledo...

and so does Owen.
I think they encourage each other.

 I need a break
so a gaze out the window...

letting me see this view
from high on the hill...

in front of the house
I can see this view
which will lead us down to the shore
if you follow the fence...

so since Toledo and I are out here
checking out anything that moves...

 I figure a game of 
would help out matters considerably....

which ends up in a quick exit
(see IT in the bushes
right of center!)

 on the far right now
a pheasant
actually the male and female
had to vamoose
since we were taking over the field!

Chasing pheasants
only is topped
by a romp around and around the field.

and a discussion of all things doggy!

Owen and I got along really well...

I keep looking at him thinking 
how could a doggy grow so quickly.
He's taller than me now.

But that's OK with me.
He's a gentle mini-giant
full of goodness and kindness.
He truly loves everyone.