Thursday, April 11, 2013

Through the Magic Woods

This is the continuation of my walk from
 the other day < click if you missed it
Slipping through the woods at the treed point on MacDonald Hill,

will find you walking through a spring runoff just about here ~~~ 

on the edge of a cliff 

high above the crashing waves below

This is my kind of place ~~~ waves to body surf and water to dunk myself~~~enjoy!

 My video today will allow you to understand why I love visiting this area.

 Here are some stills of my view ~~~ I'll let you scroll through and find the one that you like the most!

Sure hoped you found something that triggered
a good feeling inside.

I know that if I stick my tongue out
it really makes me feel good.

Just teasing!

Sophie 'quite exhausted from taking in the waves' here!