Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holy Toledo & Owen!

 Pardon my tongue!
Toledo ~~~ mocha chocolate, lamby wannabe,
made me do it,
while Owen teases Jim
as he comes in from
capturing some sunset pictures.

Toledo likes to spin and spin
thus the name Holy Toledo...

and so does Owen.
I think they encourage each other.

 I need a break
so a gaze out the window...

letting me see this view
from high on the hill...

in front of the house
I can see this view
which will lead us down to the shore
if you follow the fence...

so since Toledo and I are out here
checking out anything that moves...

 I figure a game of 
would help out matters considerably....

which ends up in a quick exit
(see IT in the bushes
right of center!)

 on the far right now
a pheasant
actually the male and female
had to vamoose
since we were taking over the field!

Chasing pheasants
only is topped
by a romp around and around the field.

and a discussion of all things doggy!

Owen and I got along really well...

I keep looking at him thinking 
how could a doggy grow so quickly.
He's taller than me now.

But that's OK with me.
He's a gentle mini-giant
full of goodness and kindness.
He truly loves everyone.