Sunday, April 28, 2013


While I sniff out a possible munchy treat,
Jim has discovered a patch of Mayflowers
or Trailing Arbutus 

These small, beautiful, fragrant flowers can be found on the sunny side of trails
sometimes in the most precarious of places.

Short video gives you an idea of what the Mayflower looks like.
(pls forgive the blurriness 1/2 way through)

Mr. Orangie and I waited patiently for the Mayflower photo session to be over.
Then from out of nowhere come 3, yes 3, Doodles!
Sorry nor sharing today guys/gals!
Look at them with their laser eyes on me!

They skedaddled away as Jim watches them.
Doodles always get his attention.

Back to more important things
Don't we blend in well!

So I scooted up over the hill into the brush and 
located a 
well-hidden bunch of Mayflowers 
Mr. Jim to photo!

Much greener leaves and much more fragrant.

OK, it's time to head for my old castle!
Remember we were here in January!
If not go HERE for a refresher!!