Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter with a Doodle Touch

Last weekend, I accompanied my Dads
for Easter at Jim's brother Dennis' place.

Jacob, Dennis' son arrived with a friend from university,
so I waited patiently
 (my kind of Doodle patience)
for the family hugs to be over
and then I attacked him with licks and wiggles. 

I dove into Jacob's lap while he read
a magazine to me.
I've known him for years
but don't see him 
too much being away at college now.

I helped Daddy Jim while he spoke to another
family member living in Western Canada too.

 Then the piece de resistance was
helping in making the meal.
Daddy Jim and Dennis both are great cooks,
so we really had a great feast.

I sat patiently between my Dads
^click to see Daddy Jim's post^
So, you can see me looking 'up' 
I waited for treats
to come 'down'!

Seems only fair to me!