Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pine Needles & Moss

 We discovered a new path in the park
covered in pine needles.
Do you think I match?

There is just something very calming
and soothing about this heavily treed section.
The noise is buffeted by the denseness and 
all the needles smothering the ground
blanket the decaying forest matter.

Since it is so soft to walk and sit on,
I'm more inclined to 'Sit, Stay'
and with Mr. O as my reward
Gees I've got it made!

Once I proved myself that training works
and that consistency helps even more,
then I meandered off to check out 
this mammoth rock covered in moss
with a tree growing on / around / in it.

After checking this collection
I think there is more than one tree
I'd say three trees are happily balanced
on this mossy outcrop.

The moss was very evident,
I think because it was an overcast gray day
 making the various shades of greens pop.

 With winter in the rear view mirror now,
the vegetation is starting to entice me,
even this mossy stuff.

Now my chances of having a morsel or two 
of anything is tripled/quadrupled and more
because Ol' Man Winter has gone to bed.