Sunday, April 7, 2013

Breezy, an Understatement!

After a long day in the city with a
~~~ park walk ~~~
~~~ lunch at a cool diner ~~~
~~~ coffee at 'bucks ~~~~
~~~ 2 'Sally Ann' stops ~~~
Ron promised to take me for another walk
at Stony Beach!

I was certainly OK with this decision
because there are sniffy discoveries here
I know this first hand!

 The waves kept rolling in
one after another
because we had a nor'easter
go by last evening... 

which always whips up the surf
churning and agitating it 
beyond the normal surf turbulence.

The intensity of wind
was evident
with the crest of the waves
being lifted and dragged
quite far behind the wave.

I felt all topsy turvy
standing on this hillside
which seems kinda wonky in this picture.
I almost lost my balance!

No wonder I was a bit off balance
after realizing how high up 
I was.

Don't worry!
I am very careful 
walking along this path.
I wanted you to see the beach behind me across the water
in this video
 from last year at this time.
Quite a difference, don't you think!

It's when the edge becomes  more sheer
and eroded then I step far back...

and spend more time
checking out the secret woods
that always intrigues me
when I visit this place.

Come Back and see my woods!