Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Drive

 Plenty of links today if you are interested.
I'll have them highlighted and pinpointed for you!

I'm all settled in nice and cozy
in the back seat of the car
after a walk in the park.
I thought you might like to sit back
and see some sights of Halifax and Dartmouth
from my viewpoint
so here goes.....!

This is the corner of Sackville and Brunswick Streets.
You can see the harbour down at the bottom
and one of the high buildings on the left at the bottom
was where Ron was a manager 
of an art and drafting supply store...Loomis and Toles in '80's.
He says this was his favourite place of all his jobs.

Now we turned the corner and are heading down Brunswick St
click >  on Citadel Hill
This area is a heavy touristed area come late spring.

Construction on the left meets the already established.
Most cities have new buildings being added to the landscape
but in Halifax they can't obstruct the harbour viewplane
not being allowed to reach higher than the Citadel Hill Fortress.

We swing around the Cogswell Street Interchange  <click
heading for
 the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge in the distance.
You'll see the lonely building on the horizon across the harbour in Dartmouth
an all-glass Holiday Inn.
We'll see it in a few minutes.

Many areas of the city are being converted to condo living
and in this case brightly coloured
condo living.

I sort of like this range of colours 
and they lead you into the view of the bridge
which has a similar look.

 We are going up there
across the span
from Halifax to Dartmouth.

We are now taking the trek across.
It's a 3 lane bridge with pedestrian crossing on the right
and cycle crossing on the left.

For years the cyclists had to walk their bikes
across the bridges until only recently.
The sides of the walkways were raised up to prevent any
chance of someone falling over.

This is the Holiday Inn.
Remember where we saw this from in Halifax.
If not, scroll back up and see the distance covered.

This is one of the ferries that connects the two cities
and is a great way to view the harbour, the bridges and two cities.

Dartmouth Library is a cool place to visit 
with a vegetarian restaurant  beside it called The Wooden Monkey.  <click

 These figures grace the courtyard beside the Library.
The artist Dawn MacNutt constructed these permanent objects
Click >   here to read about her.
(Her daughter Laura worked with Ron at the art and drafting supply store)

Stop... actually Go forward
with this new condo development
located right on the water
called King's Wharf  < click

We were over there about 20 minutes ago
the City of Halifax.

We are now heading passed Imperial Oil Refinery  < click
which has been located here since 1918.
Now that's a long time!

Finally we pass the AutoPort.   <click
Everyday one can see all these white covered cars.
If you look closely they are all those brand new vehicles
that are advertised in magazines, on TV, in social media.
I heard Ron say to Jim today as we passed these cars
"Just imagine driving a brand new car 
all day
while at work!"

I'd prefer a good snooze myself!