Saturday, March 30, 2013

SPRING has arrived!!!


 The snowdrops are pushing through
the carpet of leaves...

letting us know that if they can do this...

then it can be decreed...

that SPRING has arrived!

While Ron was using his macro lens
he didn't realize that he had
taken a very short (14 sec) video
of the snowdrop below.

Even though most of the video is unfocused
until you reach the end
the co-relation between 
spring and the snowdrops 
struggling to be present
seemed to work.

All I know is I'm super HAPPY 
since I'm under 
I'm digging in 
to find last year's
hidden surprises!

Psst: HAPPY EASTER for all those celebrating!
Control that chocolate and Easter egg consumption ~~~ NOT!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sand is Coming Back!!

I know when things start to change
in my world...

my beach becomes a little more friendlier

the winter beach covered in rocks...

(as you will see in the beginning of my video)
is starting to become more sand covered...

and smoother 

making it much easier on my paws
for diving at Mr. Orangie
when he gets thrown down the beach.

We all know it's coming....!
then I'll be in that water behind me
swimming and body surfing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Something in My Ear!!!

If the person you are talking to....

doesn't appear to be listening,

be patient.

It may simply be that

he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.

~~~ Winnie The Pooh ~~~

now may Pinkie and I go to the beach 
like you promised?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Draw McGraw!

Sunday afternoon 
cloudy with sunny patches
sunny with cloudy patches...

for me it was 
sniffing weather,
while Ron spent time
snapping many photos
of the surfers 

especially with this persistent wave action

and all the different spray angles

 and caught up in the spray

and waiting patiently in the spray

and manoeuvring through some spray.

I kept focused I'm sure there'll be a nutritious morsel 
somewhere here for me to devour

look Ron is still at it...
(look closely and you'll see a surfer's head in front of that spray
holding on for dear life while the wave crashes over him/her)

Just to let you know
I did find a tasty treat over that hill
while Ron took that last photo
they call me
I'm fast, oh so fast!!

Do you think he knows?

I don't think so.
With this view in front of us,
who would notice
anything else!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Oh, hi there!
You caught me searching for Mr. Orangie
under my favourite tree
Weeping Alaskan Cedar
"Chamaecyparis nootkatensis"

This drapey monster of a tree
has been a refuge 
over my 6 years
for many things of mine...

from numerous bones to anything edible,
at least that I found super tasty.

Last night we had  a snow storm
which didn't smother us as expected....

so this morning Ron and I went out
to take some of the last winter pictures 
for this season
(fingers crossed)

I thought I smelled something 
on the air
which lead me to this spot.

Could it be last year's Mr. Orangie 
that went missing

 just a stick I snitched
from Ron's huge pile he made
while cleaning up the garden
readying it for a long winter's sleep

No matter what
I had a grand time this morning
crossing my paws
that spring will show up for you and me
so very soon...

and then I will be able to find 
Mr. Orangie 
hiding somewhere under
 these beautiful branches
that always tickle my nose
every time I go under.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Complete Opposite!

I know it's SPRING and the flowers 
should be popping 
through the ground,
at least showing signs of  waking up.

Well, not so much here this year.
We had a a snow storm last night
and the temperatures are freezing again.
So cold, so dark, so unfair!

Last year at this time we were basking in
what seemed like summer temps
or at least unbelievably warm spring temps.
Click here and see for yourself!

If you feel like sending us warm vibes
loads of 
"hope for spring very soon 
thank you very much"!
We'd be so very appreciative!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 Years Already!

I just wanted ALL of you to know that today
is my GUYS 
 4th Wedding Anniversary!

What JOY we've had together
especially with my taggin' along!

Taking time for PEACE!
To spill all the days thoughts
out onto the beach
as we walk 
 rejuvenating our souls.

Having a great LAUGH
with strangers on the street in P'Town.
Seriously ~~~ Jim doesn't know who they are
but he wanted to get a picture with he says!

He is one of my PILOTS!

and here is the other 'NUT'!!

So 4 years of sweet wedded bliss
40 years of living together!
Not bad, eh!

Cheers to my GUYS!!!
Jim and Ron