Monday, March 11, 2013

I Like the Red One!

Hi! It's me at Fisherman's Cove.
I just wanted to tell you that I like the red one.
Have a look!

Isn't it a beauty popping out like that in this beautiful little cove!

The name says she's a "Hurtin' Unit" 

so if bright, gorgeous, pop in your face red means "Hurtin Unit",
then I agree!

The other "Units" are your regular run of the mill colours
like white, green and baby blue,

but something has captured our attention 

with this magnificent shade of red

even up against the "First Born"
(which apparently is the third born the captain said)

the reflections seem to blend beautifully with the baby blue sky and grey wharf beams

The city is not that far off as I peered through the vessels

Then I saw this!

Now that's a load of rope.
No chance I'll be unwinding this pile any time soon.
I'll just give it a sniff.

Jim is down the docks talking to a captain who filled him in on a lot of information.
One boat is heading to the Caribbean soon.
What do you think if I jump on board?

Have you ever thought of stowing away on a boat?
I would love to stowaway on that sparkling red one.
I could do that so very easily!