Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Draw McGraw!

Sunday afternoon 
cloudy with sunny patches
sunny with cloudy patches...

for me it was 
sniffing weather,
while Ron spent time
snapping many photos
of the surfers 

especially with this persistent wave action

and all the different spray angles

 and caught up in the spray

and waiting patiently in the spray

and manoeuvring through some spray.

I kept focused I'm sure there'll be a nutritious morsel 
somewhere here for me to devour

look Ron is still at it...
(look closely and you'll see a surfer's head in front of that spray
holding on for dear life while the wave crashes over him/her)

Just to let you know
I did find a tasty treat over that hill
while Ron took that last photo
they call me
I'm fast, oh so fast!!

Do you think he knows?

I don't think so.
With this view in front of us,
who would notice
anything else!