Sunday, March 3, 2013

Before and After

No, I'm not any Einstein!
However when I can't see 
because of my lovely long locks
blocking my view 
then it's time to turn on the light bulb.

I know I've shrunk, faux-slimmed down, been 'sheep shorn'.
I'm not a shaggy doodle schnoodle anymore...
but you must be patient 
my soft, silky, luxurious locks will come back to visit.

In the mean time
I'll devour a bully stick and have a Guinness!
(Three Dog Bakery and the Irish Pub across the street from each other ~~~ checkmate) 
Thank you very much!

Thought you might like a peaceful walk on the beach
one early morning last week.
This might help you get over your
surprise and concern for me and my diminished locks.


Enjoy my friends!