Friday, March 22, 2013

Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Oh, hi there!
You caught me searching for Mr. Orangie
under my favourite tree
Weeping Alaskan Cedar
"Chamaecyparis nootkatensis"

This drapey monster of a tree
has been a refuge 
over my 6 years
for many things of mine...

from numerous bones to anything edible,
at least that I found super tasty.

Last night we had  a snow storm
which didn't smother us as expected....

so this morning Ron and I went out
to take some of the last winter pictures 
for this season
(fingers crossed)

I thought I smelled something 
on the air
which lead me to this spot.

Could it be last year's Mr. Orangie 
that went missing

 just a stick I snitched
from Ron's huge pile he made
while cleaning up the garden
readying it for a long winter's sleep

No matter what
I had a grand time this morning
crossing my paws
that spring will show up for you and me
so very soon...

and then I will be able to find 
Mr. Orangie 
hiding somewhere under
 these beautiful branches
that always tickle my nose
every time I go under.